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News From the Xinjiang Riots According to the Germans

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 22, 2011

A bunch of people were killed n Xinjiang , a Chinese province that used to be mostly Muslims till a bunch of Han people or Chinese looking folks moved into th neighborhood and started taking over. The killings took place a few days ago and supposedly 18 people lost their lives.
The Chinese media called the riot a terrorist attack and today even said that some Pakistani groups may have been involved in the planning of the ‘riot’. According to the Chinese media the ‘attackers stormed the place yelling ‘Allah Allah’ and wielding knives, forks, spoons and heavy objects and only the bravery and cunning of the police allowed them to overcome the mad pack. The Chinese news also said that the event occurred when most of the police were ‘absent on a mission’. (WTF on a mission? Doing what collecting bribes or getting fat off doughnuts, what mission are those lazy sob’s on?)
Then, a German source claims that the Chinese version may be tainted or wrong. According to them, the Muslims stared off with a planned peaceful protest for some people detained in the facility and things got ugly when the police opened up on them. The Muslims then said that they were searched, their phones confiscated so they could not video what had happened and they were abused. The German source called for an independent review of the incident….
story here

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