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China Postpones “Peaceful Rise” Till Her Aircraft Carrier is Ready

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 3, 2011

After existing here for over four years I can say that a nobler, more honest people never existed than the clan that calls themselves the people of the PRC. Honesty, integrity and harmony are three words that spring to mind when I think of my days wasted/spent here. As a matter of fact, the fine folks in China have even coined a term to describe their ascension which according to them has been held back by the lying hairy deceitful barbarians who inhabit all countries to the north south east and west of China, they call their ascension the “Peaceful Rise”

Unfortunately for the Chinese, they have to put their “Peaceful Rise” on hold until that old tub of a pos they call an aircraft carrier is ready to sail. See a funny thing is that China, like all countries who wish to have a “Peaceful Rise” saw fit to purchase a big old used hunk of steel whose only purpose is to launch smaller hunks of steel strapped with a host of man and thing killing devices, because that is what a “Peaceful Rise” is all about.So the Chinese, who posses the ‘copy’ gene in spades while trading it off for mr. originality, had to buy an aircraft carrier rather than make one, for they did invent fire and paper and chopsticks so they deserve to sup at the teat of our innovation now.

But sadly enough, China’s “Peaceful Rise” will have to be put on the back burner until one of the key components of the “Peaceful Rise”, the aircraft carrier is ready to float. Lately they have reported that it was undergoing some maintenance and upkeep and a collection of China’s finest minds has gathered to make the old tub sea worthy.

Until which time the sea beast truly becomes able to float without lilting to one side like a typical Chinese woman stomping along in high heeled shoes, China’s “Peaceful Rise” will have to be put on hold.
But the honest and morally unchallenged Chinese would like all of us dirty barbarians to rest easy for the return of the “Peaceful rise” is not far off.

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