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Rant on China, Old Perverts And Whatever the Hell Else I Want

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 2, 2012

Strap yourselves in folks cuz I’m going on a rant…

I was reading the news about our elections and inevitably the topic of China comes up. Interestingly enough, there will be some ill informed jackass going on about how good china is and how the rest of us don’t get it. Get what? A despotic regime whose roots are so entrenched in hell that they give Satan the chills?

And it’s always some idiot from Wilton Iowa, or some such hell hole ( I am from IA and Wilton sucks). And this guy, through the wonder of the Internet and some class he took while gettin’ his associates online, has now got the power of knowledge coursing through his meth infested psyche. This idiot, after coughing down a few bong blasts of some citral, is at peace with mankind and wants to wax philosophical. The guy, who has never ventured beyond Loiusa county, is suddenly an expert in all things Chinese.

After procuring that fancy ab burner for 49.99 thanks for the credit card mom, he proceeds to peck away on his IBM 386.

“China is great and America is in decline, “he informs us. “We don’t make nothing no more. Besides of that, “he muses, “those chinamens just work so dern hard. ”

Pleased with his actions but exhausted from exercising his limited faculties, he surfs on over to Asianlove.com as he searches for the love of his life. Depressed at the fact that a 70 year old from Kalamazoo has already purchased Li li, profession model, That he d planned on marrying,he packs another bowel, it’s going to be a long day.
He will continue on as he ponders the wonder of china, yet has not got the stones to visit. If he were to do so, he’d shit a tub of bricks and rush back home and lick the dew drops from obama baby mama raggedy old Oranga-ass, sorry he d ever left. I am assuming, of course that he comes to the real china. As in come to live, work and not just pull a mr 70 year old who makes a pit stop to purchase that little bride who is young enough to be his grandaughter’s embryo. Sure this guy is a sack of dung, but him I can understand, who else but an infantile Chinese warthog would offer him any love. His wife and kids have deserted him and his Johnston s given up the ghost, so what’s he got to lose?
Of course this geriatric goon deserves a raft of hell for his turncoat ways as well. Being half senile he starts to believe li li, communism isn’t too bad. CNN, fox, they got it all wrong, why this tender old man has been to china and they treat himjust fine.
What the wilton ite and old geezer share, aside from a dysfunctional gene pool and limited intellect, is that beautiful desire we Americans of hating ourselves. We all love to complain about our country and it’s demise, we sound like the freaking French.
America rocks, it’s pimp, it’s Gods dwelling in the spring, so why can’t we accept it? When did it become chic to degrade ourselves while ensconced in ignorance.
I realize not everyone can come to china, and the truth is, if you want a good laugh you should, but if you cannot do so, then read something.
Pick up a book, try empire of lies by sorman, the Beijing consensus or perhaps The Party- all of which tell the brutal truth about this place.
Or maybe do this, be a man and suck it up, come to the center country, work for a chinaman and then send me your blog addy so I can enjoy your misery. Think about it, this place is so rotten they have 1,340,000,000 people desperate to leave. As a matter of fact, they are so desperate they’ll even do the old coot from Kalamazoo, even though it feels icky.
so next time your surfing and read a comment by some ignorant wanna be world traveler remember this rant. And oh by the way, I agree with Brewskie and The King, fuck you china!
And by the way, as of June last year America was the worlds leading manufacturing country, China was second, so double fuck you!
End of rant

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Head Chicom Tells China- “Prepare for War”

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 2, 2012

China’s head capo and president has told the Chinese army to ‘Prepare for war’ (see below)

my take
1-Does this mean more US tech will be stolen to support the effort?
2-how about we offer a trade, assloads of opium for toxic toys, call it a throw back moment
3-while the chinese are sharpening their spears O’butthole is begging them to come here on vacation
4-if you went to war and were strapped into a huge hunk of metal or zooming overhead at mach 1, how confident would you be when you glance down at your instrument panel and weaponry and see the label “made in China”?
5-Why not unleash the Nipponese on them once again, the last time it took them all of a couple of weeks to claim the northeast territories
6-how smart is it to alienate over a dozen countries that share your border?
7-How much will an apartment cost in the “new New York” or “New Little Tokyo”?

“China’s navy should speed up its development and prepare for warfare, President Hu Jintao has said.”

from here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-16063607

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