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He He, Ho Ho, Another Day, More Hilarious China News

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 23, 2012

Here is all you need to know about China today. Call it “China news from the King or Gowron’s Wiki’
Also how is it that Gowron, Imikespock, Brewskie, Sherene, Amy and others know the truth about this dump and so many others do not?

From the King


Brotherly Heavenly warriors under a Chinese princess moon, floating lakes maidens flutes gliding serenly like 13 year olds on MDMA, Jade Emperior, yadda yadda yadda, silk moon, flutes, yadda yadda yadda, Brotherly soldier oaths to heaven drunk on moon wine….. Chinese warriors Netizen post commentors, pounce on Japanese NURSE, who has his bike stolen, and was trying to ride around the world with it. Grow up China!

Why can’t Chinese, be more like CHINESE Canmericans, at peace with our fellow Japanese Canmericans, and just look at some tits and cars? It’s all about the Tits and cars man. Like California, Chinese Americans and Japanese Americans Korean Americans just do one thing. 1)Smoke alot of dope 2) Talk about Tits. 3)Drive around looking for Tits. 4)PO the Parents. 5)Behave like typical Orange County richy youths, of ANY ethnicity. 6)Hold parties and have the big geeky brother ahem ahem, buy them the party drinks, and laugh at him when he passes out and pees his pants *looks around javascript:emoticon(‘Rolling Eyes‘)

See World peace! Cars and Chicks.

As for the girls. Laugh at the boys and drink bubble Tea, and talk about Rain, and shop. Just like Hong Kong girls. Aka getting good grades at school so they be the boss of the boys.

Or in Linsanity’s case, laugh at that Clumsy oaf Yao Ming.


These professional theives should be given the Grand Golden Brahamamamama medal! They RETURNED the Wallet. Such honestly, such purity worthy of JUDAS himself. Bleep you Chinese thieves. GET A JOB.

And I’m sure it’s still Japan’s fault somehow. Japan makes these Chinese buzz cut mainladers pick pocket.

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Part 2 on Chinese Innovation

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 23, 2012

Here is the all of Brewskie’s post about Chinese innovation. Chinese innovation, btw is a contradiction in terms, like saying blue sky days in China or big busted chinese woman… yah you get the point..

Comment from the Brewsker!
“I sure enjoy knocking China, but I gotta realize the juggernaut of a potbelly nation is really a land of ample opportunity.

China showed Apple a thing or two; will a little imagination, a wiliness copy – and no desire to introduce workmanship – one too can implement their “me too” Apple tablet clone called an iPhat, iPlad, eyePlauge or whatever. It’s not like getting patent in China is hard – is it?

The cheerleading China Nazis pat China’s stack of filed patents as proof of its giant trajectory: “#3 behind Japan and the US,” they jovially boast. Well, bragging about substance of Chinese patents is sort of like… a special ed flunkie, who brags his A+ on a pre-alegbra test, bests a nerd’s A- on a calculus test. Getting a patent filed in corrupt China is easy as becoming a US carny.

China expert WC – the only “Top Secret Writer” who doesn’t make me think I have an alien butt probe up my ass, or there’s a bar code tattooed on the back of my head – lays the sledgehammer of truth on Chinese patents. As a Chinese patent holder himself, he testifies well:


As a patent holder in China, I am skeptical about the quality of Chinese patents.

It’s as if anyone can get one. Allow me to explain.

A few years ago, an ex-classmate of mine approached me with a great idea.

“Lets start a business in China,” he enthused. Thinking it to be a once in a life time opportunity, I agreed, and several months later we were in business.

One of the most enlightening things we did, however, was to apply for a patent. Although the process of writing our patent proposal was a grueling two hour affair, I truly doubt the specifications behind it would pass international scrutiny.

However, in China it was never a problem. After mobilizing a good friend of mine, who happens to be an attorney, our new found startup was the proud owner of a shiny new Chinese patent.

While I found the entire process to be less than exceptional, it also left me a little cynical (70).

“Just fill out the form and I will make sure you get your patent,” we were told. Within days we had protected our idea via a patent (71), one of the joys of doing business in China.

To me, the ease with which we were granted our patent was beyond belief, an idea shared by others as well (72). Although the process to file was as rigorous as a rousing game of Scrabble, it seemed far too easy. I guess it is no wonder that China’s State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) received 1.2 million patent applications in 2010, many of which were Chinese “trash” (73) or “utility patents”, like the one I had obtained (74).

The real mystery, however, is “What’s the value of a Chinese patent?” A question many have posed. (75)


The US has three patent types (79), as does China. The biggest difference, however is that while both the USA and China have a “utility patent”, China further divides these into “invention” and “utility model” patents.

The remainder of this discussion will focus on China’s ‘utility patents’ or ‘trash patents’ (as they are called) which are not to be confused with US utility patents.

A Chinese utility patent protects, “any ‘new’ technical solution relating to the shape, the structure, or their combination, of a product which is fit for practical use (80).” In China these patents do not undergo a strict amount of scrutiny (81) and as long as the paperwork is filled out correctly, a patent will be awarded (82) – or so it is claimed.

What is more troublesome is that according to an expert at China’s patent authority, patents in China do not need to prove that their intangible assets are new, a marked difference between China and the rest of the world (83).

In addition, China operates under a ‘first-to-file’ system. This means that the first person to file the patent will be granted the technology even if they are not the inventor of the technology.

“First to file” means that if a Chinese person, or anyone else comes across some fine technology that has not been patented in China, then they have the right to “claim” this technology and patent it (84), a thing that a colleague of mine did to the tune of a couple million dollars (85) – but more on that later.


Based upon my experience, not much. Or let me re-phrase that. Yes, the Chinese are prodigious patenters, but the vast majority of their patents do not demonstrate the capacity to innovate (86). They are merely used as tools to block or lock in innovation from other countries.

According to Cheng Yongshun, the director of the Beijing Intellectual Property Institute, most countries consider innovation patents to be ‘real patents’ (87).

Yet in in 2009, Chinese applicants for these specific patents were less than 20% of the total (88).”

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Chinese Innovation, an Oxymoron of Epic Proportion

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 23, 2012

The Brew meister came up with a good comment, but part of it was so funny that I laughed so hard I broke my ass.
I will repost all he said, but read this comment, how freakng funny- ps, fk u china

From the Brewman
“China showed Apple a thing or two; will a little imagination, a wiliness copy – and no desire to introduce workmanship – one too can implement their “me too” Apple tablet clone called an iPhat, iPlad, eyePlauge or whatever

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China’s Impending Crash- Guess How Big Chinas Money Supply Is…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 23, 2012

Chinas money supply, as of 2010 was ten times larger than that of the USA., eventhough the US economy was three times larger. This oversupply of cash is leading to bad things that will eventually cause anger, strife and big trouble in little China..
Source USA report to Congress

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China pic

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 23, 2012

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Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 23, 2012

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Cement Cracking Around China’s tallest Tower “No Problem” Says Uncle Chicom

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 23, 2012

China needs to keep 1,340,000,000 people busy. If they do not, the people get upset, they rant they rave, they wave red books and they kill each other. In order to keep them busy, uncle chicom has them make stuff.

Most of the stuff they make is of little use and a waste of resources, like making little one child problems. Another waster product of their effort is buildings.

China is constructing the worlds largest building in Shanghai and its already doomed. Shanghai, lest you forget, is a swampland that just a few decades ago only supported microbial life and bums.

The chinese, however, do not care about the ground beneath shanghai, they just like pretty projects. So when they constructed this big building and the concrete around it began to crack, people got nervous.

The communists, however, said it is just natural and there is nothing to worry about…

The really scary thing is that they are building one floor every 7 days in that skyscraper. Do you trust a building that
a- is built by the chinese
b-is built with chinese goods
c-goes up at a rate of one floor per week

I see mass destruction in their future….


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Japan Denies that the “Rape of Nanjing” Occurred

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 23, 2012

“Kawamura said that the Imperial Japanese Army did not commit any atrocities against Chinese civilians in Nanjing during the second Sino-Japanese war (1937-1945). He claimed that most casualties lost their lives during the battle between Chiang Kai-shek’s Nationalist army and the Japanese army before the city was captured.”

As much as the Chinese lie, I kind of believe the Japanese guy…

From here

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Proof of the Discriminatory Nature of Affirmative Action Programs

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 23, 2012

Here’s a quote proving the discriminatory impact of affirmative action programs in the USA. When will we learn…..

“Looking at the 146 most selective colleges and universities, the study concluded that blacks and Latinos would account for 4 percent of the student body if admissions were based solely on grades and test scores. Race-based affirmative action increased that number to 12 percent. ”

From here

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Chinese Terror Trains- Death on Two Tracks

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 23, 2012

Big Brew brings the reality of Chinese terror trains and the special wrath of death they will soon be putting out…..

From the Brew Man
“Now, if the ladies and gents in the audience will all swallow all the Adderall in their bottles, and focus on another topic for a sec…

Ha! Ha! Ha! “What’s all the screeching and crashing?” you say. That is the sound of false hopes and dreams, pinned on the Millennium Falcon death coffins, crashing and burning like a pileup of turbo-charged bumper cars comprised of paper-thin shavings of shade tree wood: the piggy bank feeding the hungry, avarice-filled greed of the CCP’s glutenous machinations is busto; a few coins short, too much polish blown on 1.2 million yuan toilets (yes, 1.2 million yuan per toilet).


The scoop:

“Out of 23 current railway projects, some 70 per cent have been suspended, partly suspended, or delayed, according to the Chinese state media.

Meanwhile, an unnamed source told Dow Jones, the news agency, that only nine new railways would be commissioned this year, compared to 70 last year.

Having run up enormous debts, the Chinese Railways ministry is struggling to persuade banks to continue to finance its ambitions.

Ticket sales, meanwhile, have been slow on some lines as travellers baulk at the price.

“The ministry cannot bear so much debt. It has already taken 240 billion yuan (£24 billion) of loans and if it takes much more how can it pay the interest?” said Wang Mengshu, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and senior consultant on the high-speed rail project.


At the height of the high-speed boom, trains were being fitted with toilets that cost 1.2 million yuan (£120,000) a piece, and taps imported from Japan that cost 7,000 yuan, according to an investigation by Century Weekly magazine.


In the wake of the crash, the Ministry found it increasingly expensive to borrow money, and no longer had access to the huge stimulus loans that were handed out in the wake of the financial crisis to keep the Chinese economy going.

“The Ministry’s debts are now worth 60 per cent of its assets, and some analysts think they may rise to 70 per cent this year,” reported the China Business Times.”

1.2 million yuan per toilet? Damn, I thought the US Pentagon was bad with “$20,000 toilets.” They look like Walmart shoppers by comparison.

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