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Chinese Greed, Ineptitude and Foolish, Gowron Brings The Real China News

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 21, 2012

News from Gowron aka the King Daddy!


Wtd if you haven’t seen Little Miss Sunshine, you should. It’s about a the funnies of the falsehoods dashed dreams but refreshing realities of the American Dream. It’s about a dysfunctional family who’s traveling to California, one is a WWII vet with PTSD, one is a son who has taken a Emotastic vow of silence to get into the Airforce academy, little miss sunshine a REAL american girl vs the skinny disney esque beauty pagents, a suicidal uncle, etc etc. in a broken down VW minibus.

Anyways, this chinese girls’ heart (article), is little miss Rainshine, because the pagent tried to rip her off saying she was too young, all she wanted to do was visit America…Like sheesh if the promotors didn’t have the trip then they could have just said so.

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Chinese Doctors Practicing Abortions

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 21, 2012

This pic comes from mop.com and I must reassess my guess that these doctors are practicing abortions. After all, if they want to do that, they have hundreds of millions of Chinese poor on which to practice.
Perhaps they are practicing surgery on the Chinese man-ginas….

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Comment on China’s Economy and Ruling Elite

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 21, 2012

Great Comment from Brewskie here
“Bumped into lad who goes by PKM: he’s a wise man who said a very wise thing today; really got me thinking. Here’s his input in its entirety:

“Between 2003 and 2007 and currently, Guangdong contributed the most to the GDP of China.
Look at Chart 2: Provincial Share of the Change in the Current Account, 2003-2007.

Notice the contribution to China GDP from places like Beijing and Shanghai were negative.
BJ and SH consider themselves as the ruling classes and do not need to contribute to GDP and yet they criticize other parts of China where people trying hard to make a living.

Remember the Great wall of China was built centuries ago to keep these people from entering China.
The modern day Mongols of China includes the North-East and Shanghai.
By being the ruling class, it is easier to steal than to earn their own GDP.

Some of them try to pretend they do not realize that a weak China was the very reason why HK was controlled by foreigners.
I think they forget Beijing lost to the Japanese and was controlled and run by Japan for some time.
They also forget there is a finite probability that some of the ruling classes have ancestry that worked as sex slaves during Japanese occupation.

Within the Mongol empire, there are so many economic non-producers that even back in 2008, the empire lost the dialog with the local officials.
Out of desperation and out of the need to obscure realities, they instructed them to build ghost cities so that some cities can claim their 10% growth per year.
But of course they cannot keep building ghost cities year after year.
It is getting harder and harder for them to coerce local officials in Guangdong to come up with 10% growth per year when the other provinces do not contribute.

For a long time I wonder why so many countries that used to be part of China are happy to be their own separate countries.
After what happened at Wukan, I guess every body know why.
They already retaliated HK for their role in Wukan.
Expect HK to have funny elections and even less real freedom.

Before 2005, HK did not require any approvals from Beijing when they make a movie.
After 2006, the movie scripts in HK have to be approved from Beijing before they go into production.

I wonder how long coastal provinces like Guangdong can keep quiet.”

(the photo is Ms. Obama’s prom pic)

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Singapore Sucking off the Chicoms, Kicks out Taiwan’s Shih

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 21, 2012

Taiwan is a cool place with hot women and decent music. The people are laid back, have a sense of decency and fun to be around. As such, the chicoms hate them. (communists I mean). They hate the freedom that Taiwan has and consider them a rogue province.
In business meetings, the Chinese will go out of their way to show you maps proclaiming Taiwan to be anohter Chinese province.
Singapore subscribes to the one China policy and thus they too do not care for Taiwan to show signs of being independent. The result of all this is that is that Vanessa Shih, who is pretty hot, got in trouble for flying the Taiwanese flag, as shown.
Ms. Shih , who is an ambassador, was recalled from Singapore for being a ‘rebel’…..wtf is up Singapore?


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Another Tibetan Monk Burns To Death in China, All Honor Chinas Peaceful Rise

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 21, 2012

China is going to achieve her peaceful rise even if each Tibetan, Muslim, and any other of the 54 minorities have to perish in order to achieve it. We really need Mao to whip theses monsters into shape.


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Chinese Court Rules that Stores Must Cease Selling Ipads Due to Trademark Dispute

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 21, 2012

A Chinese court has ruled that Apple does not own the trademark ‘Ipad’ and that all sales of the device should cease and desist in China. WTF??

Ok let me get this straight. In China, I can
1-illegally download music and videos for free
2-buy everything from crack to heroin in the Sanlitun bar area
3-steal land and kill its owners as long as the commies agree and back me such that they take a cut of the action
4-kill a child in the third trimester
5-chain mentally handicapped to brick kilns and buy and sell them like slaves
6-purchase children from communist officials
7-purchase women from communist officials
8-but sex in myriad of KTV and massage parlors for prices as low as $20, all with implicit governmental support
9-beat a Tibetan to death and call it suppressing an ethnic uprising
10-buy an organ from a member of a religious group that the reds do not support and know that right before he’s executed it will be harvested and delivered to me

But I cannot buy an IPAD because of some trademark dispute? Where else but the insanityville called China would this happen?

The reasons for the problem are equal parts corruption and ignorance. Take a look at this excerpt of the reality of the court system in China.
“..(In 2003 only) 40 percent of Chinese judges had earned a 4-year University degree.. a 21 percent increase since 1998″ (161)
It’s true. As of 2003, only 40% of Chinese judges had earned a proper four-year degree, not to mention seven years of college as ours do?”

court excerpt from here


Ipad story

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