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Pizza From Annies Rocks

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 25, 2012

Heres a pizza from Annies. Is better than Piz Hut thick crust…

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Chinas Wind Farms a Fire Hazard

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 25, 2012

China gets a ton of ink, but like that one dirty kid in the comic strip ‘peanuts’, the Chinese ruin all of what they touch.
In the wind power industry, for instance, Chinese is doing well. After all, how mich tech is needed to make a big fan?
But, being from china and possessing the ‘big suck’ gene, china still fouls up wind power.
Their rigs tend to catch fire….
Hahaha what a bunch of dmcnts

This is not the first fire to occur at a wind power farm in China, but it was the first to have caused casualties. The body of one of the technicians was found burned beyond recognition while the other is still missing.

The incident serves as another warning to China’s wind energy industry because it took place at the facilities of the Huaneng Group, considered a leader in the industry. Huaneng is among the few companies to have established a professional wind power inspection and maintenance service center to tackle industrial incidents. It was all the more more alarming because Huaneng in June last year conducted a fire rescue drill at the Tongliao wind farm with media invited to witness.


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Accidents, Dismemberment and Haha, China News

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 25, 2012

More news about the Big Stinky from Gowron…Hail the King..


Lots of emotions, lots of political ups and downs. Unlike Alberta’s where people just vote PC, and it seems to have a longer dynasty than even the Blasted Kim clan, or even the CPC of China! (serious!). This is before the age of colour revolutions, Tulip revolutions, Carnation revolutions, Solidarity, or “O” (Obama).

Good good. Now if Iggy can score 30 points this season, win the Stanley Cup, and another Gold in two years in Sochi, then I can die a happy man. Well that and a Independent Hong Kong. On this note, what say you Lamma? Should HK break free or retain connection with China, in the inevitability of the dissolution of the CCP? As stated before, this 5year plan is perhaps the death knell (that big ugly bell that chimes funerals). As China will need to actually BORROW to get by, and other BRICS nations through years of persistence and patience and good governance (such as former president DeSilva of Brazil). Or Russia joining the WTO,

With Aung San Suu Kyi’s inevitable elections, the Burmese slowly rebuilt their country… It’s like changing lightbulbs is like that. Now we’re going to see some seriously awesome shit, as Africa stabilizes.OOOOOOO I can’t wait to see what those guys invent. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so exciting.

As for China, good good, the mood is changing. The Nazis are being arrested, some will Honecker-Mengle (run away and die in peace this sucks balls….). But it’s good to get breath of fresh air.

Perhaps China will take another 50 years, to be granted the PRIVILEGE to grow up and stop all this spoiled “Centre of the MULTIverse” BS.

NOW THE BIG BIG question…. North Korea. With China not likely an ally of the US or even North Korea. And becomes an independent literal 3rd world (context, USSR one world, America one world, and now we have China a 3rd unaligned democracy, or do they let US bases like in Japan and Korea. OR Ron Paul wins, and puts away the Manifest Destiny (America’s Empire), Who knows WHAT crazy Shit will happen in 5-10 years. But this is GOOD news.

This is like one of those fraction points of reality, those schisms that point to different alternate universes. Like on Back to the Future or Sliders, or a Mush trip. A China that’s like Hong Kong, rich, smart, well mannered, CLEAN, rule of law, Sun Yat Sen’s dream?

Now then, what ARE we going to do with all those Mao impersonators (STUPID TV SHOWS, MOVIES), (China’s version of Elvis Impersonators). Like there isn’t much need for fat retarded men, with big ugly moles (Mao).

But perhaps the most welcoming news!?!?!? I CAN FINALLY STOP B.S.ing and “blaming Japan”. lol. But then it’s always Japan’s fault isn’t it?

DO IT CHINA! stand up for your rights as humans, and fix this country you can do it.. Build CHINESE DEMOCRACY. aka (a title of an album really crappy rock band, that went to crap when they expelled a key member (Guns and Roses without Slash)

Metro officials are dumbfounded as to what to do with the crowds of panhandlers in subway stations. Here’s a BIG hint you slugheads! STOP RIPPING OFF and dehumanizing the people so that they are reduced to beg! how about provide them with JOBS? I was a gas station attendant, and I swept the lots so that I come home and showered and was gooey and black. They are forced to beg, because ummm there are no jobs, because fat Princlings who can’t work (and who would likely be eaten (for their fat), when the world implodes BECAUSE of their combinded laziness of the Prince-esses who would rather walk in 3’s and drive around like babies in their shiny cars with the Transformers paint job, with the Transformers; have SOLD the factory that the eldery have put their lives building. Or you tore down their HOUSE, and took away their farm land.
Hossana to the King, It’s a happy new day, Lift your conscience on high, the lord has risen, we lift our hearts to the lord, Hallaluja! CHINA FINALLY implements food saftey for MEAT!!!!!!!!! Carrefour shares PLUMMET (I had a bad case of food poisoning last Chinese new years eating Carrefour chicken).


Lol WHAT is with China these days? First they cave in to a bunch of villagers, then they raise minimum wage, THEN they arrest corrupt officials… 2012 The YEAR China makes it’s BABY’s steps….. It truly IS the year of Mayan transformation! It’s a new day. It’s a new day……. Peace in our time, peace in our time! lol.

It’s a new day it’s a new day. It’s a new day that the Lord has made, Hallalula!
Praise the Lord,

14.5% raise in minimum wage in Shanghai! 1,280 from 1220 RMB (213USD/MONTH). Rent usually costs 2000 RMB (for a shitty apartment, with leaky lung water). PS CPC, Go F yourself and your fancy sport cars (see yesterday’s rant).

The Mayor of Shanghai should be cannonized AND KNIGHTED! for his championing the cause of elderly. He should be granted the Nobel Peace Prize! And the given all 9 Heavenly crowns of Virtue. He bumped up the Pension eligible of elderly by 30%! or to 300 RMB/month (50 USD).
CPC you suck! I know I know it was a very hard thing to do. But you did the right thing!

Hahaahahahhahahaha “non existant laws” LAWS don’t exist here period!

Chinese “PEOPLE”‘s Republic, says this to the CPC “Fah-Q”! inspired by mass protests especially Wukan where the villagers effectively freed themselves for 10 days!, and multiple protests, (inspired by years and years and years of riots). Foxconn workers are unionzing. WHAT is with China these days. Perhaps it’s the safe meat that’s now aviable.
GO CHINA GOOOOO keep on going. move move move! Do it……. Push push pushhhhhhhhh! Pretend you’re Monkey King and smash shit up!

Say didn’t communism fail in Poland because of a trade union? and it domino all over the East? Lol. Oh my god that pothead Terrence McKenna (a “shrooms” professor, the Jackie Chan (relationship with Bruce Lee) WAS RIGHT 2012 and the I-Ching, BOOK of Changes, listed 2012 as a year of some serious CRAZY “S”).

Who would think it that Aung San Suu Kyi would be freed AND RUN FOR ELECTIONS, and KIM would die, and the Chinese tell the CPC where to go for 10 days. Or the 20 year Juggernaugh collapses under it’s own weight (China’s economic growth).

AND I GET A FRONT ROW SHOWING because I’m here! WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!Hell the NDP winning OPPOSITION party in Canada, or even….. the popular rise of a very POSITIVE American President. Oh and Gadaffi died ending 40 years of wackiness….

Truly interesting times!

Currently chasing down a former renegade Red Guard in the North, and a wacko in Shanghai!. Citizen X senario? (a psycho killer in the USSR).

the thing with this modern medias the world gets to see first in full technicolour how truly F-ed up totalitarian countries are. Reading descriptions of the Gulag prisons, or Stalnags of Nazi Germany, or watching grainy film reels, of edited news. Hell health Canada, put on pictures of gooey lungs to deter smokers…. they were collected by the youth. Wow man wow!

See it’s S-heads like this spawn of a S covered seeds (the WRONG hole, and dribbled into the right hole (and thus covered in “mess” (a highly cargenoic waste). It’s mutants like HIM that make Chinese people AFRAID to help people who suffer from regular falls (ie the elderly), or run over, or other such freaky things. Like this one girl who was hit BY TWO trucks and 18 people just walked away. that whole Chinese “moh leh hui” (don’t attend to him-her-them). BECAUSE PEOPLE are scared that it’s a scam to extort money. Or that they might be charged with the injury.

Lack of adequate health care in China, endangers obese boy. Sometimes in cases of obesity in children, or morbid obesity, it might not be the diet, but a disfunction of the Thyroid gland. With China’s pollution problems wreaking havoc on endocrine it’s no surprise! Water sheds are like blacker than Chinese hair!

NONSENSE! salaries of Party members ARE NOT high ENOUGH. Their Princesses don’t have enough hand bags, their princess don’t have enough high priced whiskey and shiny cars to run over school girls, after dropping off their girlfriend. It’s JAPAN’S fault Red Guards are not paid enough for their selfless service to the Chinese people, by keeping their numbers down, through mass death. Eugenics is a very hard thing to do. Death toll on their conscience prevents them to sleep at night, so they must frequent KTV girls, and party all night to relieve stress. But then it’s all Christian’s fault isn’t is Ewald?

Because the Christians try to keep the Chinese alive with hospitals preventing the Red Guards from reaping to stabilize the population equilibrium, so that their small rich 50 Million can live while the others can starve, and the 250 poor working can support latter.

Let’s give praise and thanks to the Lord, FINALLY he got through the pigheadness of the fatsos! He has Risen, Hallijula.

The CPC FINALLY begins…………. DEBATING the laws to safeguard school children in rural neighborhoods (after like 10 of then drove off a cliff late 2011, especially during the Christmas time). Again…. WHAT IS GOING on in China? Why are they being so well behaved!

Keep up the good work and extra over time. Your R&R in the KTVS are worth the extra Overtime you are putting in this DEBATE phase! step by step you can do it no rush! See look….. less vehicular homicides (or manslaughter in this case) on children.

PS CPC Cao Ni Ma! opps you already did you fat inbred cousin clan gangxi (familiar nepotism).

Chinese GDP fall, not as bad than expected 8.9, not 7%. Ohhhhh Pooooh! BUT WHAT ABOUT THE DEBTS, and money FLEEING CHINA? the GDP is a mere insignificant guage, anyways perhaps THIS is the year the Chinese can finally break through 3000 points? Break on through… to the other side. Break on through to the other side! -Jim Morrison).

The instigator of the Wukan protests (in which, the villagers resisted Red rule for 10 days) appointed as the village’s new Party rep. Translation the CPC got as the kids say “Owned!” The couldn’t arrest him and had to concede to their demands, or the majority of them.

Opppppps! the Reds should have BURNT the records during those all night burnings at Red Embassies, paper shredder lol 20 years latter the records of the Stasi are being pieced together like the Dead sea scrolls. lol. Sucks to be you evil doers!


More of the same, dead economy loans and aggressive planning blah blah blah.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2012 9:43 pm    Post subject: China to bleed to death (money leaves again) Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post


Money is flowing out of China at a quicker pace. (REMEMBER it also has alot of debts, slow down of industrial output, a swelling housing bubble, cutting capital to capital projects, shrinking stock market, workers suiciding, villages revolting, So THIS is what the FRENCH “cake” revolution was like. Like we kept on learning of it for France was THE hot spot that brought in Europe’s “Meiji” (a similar revolution in Japan), and the rule of law overides the Devine Right of Kings….. We learned about this in Social Studies, well that and the BRIC countries (I especially liked the Brazil section, (rain forest, budding democracy, a HUGE blob of land belonging to the Portugues world, Brazilia the city of technology and spaceships, 1/4 of the air), Japan (Canada’s 3rd largest trading partner, China the Last communist “paradise”, and Russia (where Communism lived and died. Infact I was still in Jr High, and we visited soon after the transfiguration).

There was an ancient arcade game called Street Fighter II, made around this time 1989-1992, where one of the heros you could pick was a Factory worker-wrestler named Zanghief, who represented the USSR, If you beat the game, then Gorbachiev and KGB agents do the kick dance with him. However in reality, the USSR transformed that summer. ha ha ha ha. So Capcom had to go and make a “special edition of the game”, to reflect this change.

Like Japanese and American toys and comics and cartoons, (X-men), reflected alot of politicalness back then like Tin Tin Herge comics. With the rise of terrorism you had GI Joe’s Cobra (especially with all these Evil Super Villians, like Arafat, Gadaffi, Cescavu, Carlos the Jackle, the bad guys on Die Hard, and Loaded Weapon), It’s like life WAS a comic. With like Idi Amin, or Deng, or Pinochet, or Fujimori (I remember protesting him in college), or Bush, or Escobar (a drug politician).

so like I’m here in China, witnessing something I only read about in Jr High, or visited on a school trip. BTW, loved Germany we visited Munich, like this city of techno stuff, and a magical castle, it had an underground spring lake. Gah if only it was completed, such a beautiful king, Ludwig II. And NO HE DID NOT SPEND GOVERNMENT money! Everyone says he did but he didn’t. so ppppppthbbbbbb.


Red Guard’s ASSets were not covered. Super rich commies lose super rich money. My heart is breaking for you and your little bitch sons no more high powered death mobiles to drive. It’s all Japan’s fault!

Come on now, how do we know this Red Guard who’s in charge of anti-corruption didn’t SAVE up for his Porsche? If we want democracy in China, can we AT LEAST give people the benefit of the doubt, innocent until proven guilty? Ummm I mean it’s all Japan’s fault.

Red Guard busted 4.4 Billion RMB…..

No one wants to buy China’s junk……. with overhead up and in-existant revenue…. lots of factories, especially Textile ones in Guangdong are forced to close. Making China’s economy colder than a “noid pizza” (an impish mascot of Domino’s pizza, who tries to freeze pizzas, prompting Dominos to invent thermal pouches to retain heat), Colder than starting a Canadian car, in Halifax, WITH the block heater pugged in, AND antifreeze in the engine! where you leave for work, and you turn the key and the key freezes in the key turny thing,


SEEE PROOF that the “muddy waters” report mid 2011, WAS TRUE. That Chinese stocks are really really poisonous and toxic. In China with no rule of law, the rearchers and auditors are forced to lie alot to “save face” (JUST throw a bag over it already), or to save their jobs (like it’s the accountant’s fault that the CEO is a drunk pretty boy who rather run over economics students, rather than be one. But this is ok, right? Li Gang is his Father. Ummmm I mean…. Blame you know who. Starts with a J.

, Like what can I say, except it’s true? you can’t a silk purse out of a sow’s anus (however you can make beautiful violins and bag pipe air bags, and condoms lol very useful things).

This is because companies are withdrawing money OUT of China, and use Hong Kong as an intermeditary BECAUSE Hong Kong is gasp….. TRUSTworthy. The loser here IS Hong Kong, because now they have vaults full of this worthless money, (all the debts associated with it, it won’t grow during this 5 year plan, because for starters It’s poisoned with DEBTS. Like China needs DEBTS to SERVICE DEBTS, none of the villages are making money and growing bringing in revenue, because they have DEBTS. Do you get it now China? I honestly don’t know how to explain it simpler). It’s like this, you step once, and then step backwards TWICE, did you go froth or BACK? Do you go foward when your gear is in “R” or “D”?


It’s all Japan’s fault. The mom is crazy.

New construction project (high rises, offices) slows in China. (Compounded with China’s grand projects like maglev rail lines etc seized down). Blame Japan.

http://www.shanghaidaily.com/article/?id=492578 More money leaves China, for South Korean cosmetic surgery. Wow, it’s NOT Japan’s fault this time. lol.


Wanggang Village protests land grab. Relatively peaceful, no cars flipped over.

This is because APPLE sellers in China ONLY SELL 2% of LEGAL stuff, all the rest are pirated or copied. DUHHHHHHH!!!!!


Chug Chug Chug Chug Chug Chug Chug Chug…. (Canmerican drunk chant to encourage your mates to drink down gratituidious amounts of beer. Usually from the bottom of the Can). Employee required to Chug down 11 beers, only made it to 9. His prize was offered up to another worker.
9 drinker was offered a concilatory prize, and when refused was fired, and escorted away by Red Guards when he refused to be moved.


Funiture executive gets the CHAIR…. (electric Chair, common and cruel method of excuion common in the state of Texas).


FOOL’S Gold…..Hey I’m the Village “Fool” does this mean I get Gold? because it’s the “Fool’s”(me) gold. yayeeeeeeee. My dad has two front teeth capped with Gold, and my mom, my real mom made the joke she was going to gank them if..__________________________________________________________


In Canzhou, this old cabbie, flipped out when I did something as innoculous as turn on the heater, and close the window a peep, (you need to a crack to let body steam out. It’s an ol trick we learned driving to in Canada. (body heat, breathying wil freeze on the INSIDE of a car) and you have o scrape the inside.

So he gives me the service when I kept on trying to turn it on. Because get this, my baby sister’s who’s body is still quite small and fragile might be a bit TOO cold in Cangzhou. (until she moves to Calgary, and has to eventually get her lazy Generation Z, (no wait if SHE is generation Z), does it start over again (Generation Z-a (zeta-Alpha?).

He did this because he foolishly thinks that hes losing horse power turning on the Fan. (Most cabs in Cangzhou use a LPG (Natural Gas),tank very very efficient).Even with gasoline engines, the power used to spin the fan is still neglible.

Some cabbies even drive past you not seeing you.


Praise the Lord, live voices on high…. a miracle just happened. It’s not JAPAN’S fault this time. It’s the laowais of Ameica

Nevemind the fact, that Chinese companies’ have as much stability as Smegol’s sanity (Golem from lord of the Ring), has more holes than a wacka mole booth……. and “how much does one jinn of conscince cost?”. It’s all America’s fault isn’t it China.Yes it is!

Ouch 200 Million dollars lost for a company, AND 100 MillionUSD or a windmill.meeeeeeow OUCH!


In the words of Philp Banks when he chastized Will Smith (African American rapper-actor) for taking 10% of a finders fee or discovering his cousin’s siging voice. “Will, what’s 10% of NOTHING” Will “ummm 10 times zero” (actually he already calculated the tithe wrong. you’re supposed to times it .10 or .1 (it’s PAR CENT), “NOTHING you math wiz!10 Percent of nothing is NOTHING”

Chinese properties are worth NOTHING (remember how I was spazming gleefully about China’s DEBT problem). Like empty out your pockets. so that there is nothing but air in there. Try to grab somethin in it with your fist grab.

Gooood, now open your fist so you see a palm. Take 10% of that something…. what do you have in your hand? Is like that Chairman Hu, it’s like that. You can’t tax the Chinese, there IS NOTHING to tax! YOU OWE on these properties ALREADY! ECAUSE THIS IS WHY!!!!!! http://www.wantchinatimes.com/news-subclass-cnt.aspx?cid=1102&MainCatID=11&id=20120118000005

Rich Chinese Cupon cutter embarresses herself.


This cupon is good for 2 Idiots posting. Stupid floozy posts silly pictures of her and her Cupons.


No man no! the world FUGLY’s building is the bank in Hong Kong that looks like a huge ugly Grey Elephant hooked to IV tubes (the pipes and other tube like strutures hanging from it’s flanks),

I’ll try to use clean language. Like a


When I volunteered at Habitat for humanity, one of the volunteers said S. Then another senior volunteer said “Uh Oh! she said a bad word!” (as a joke. lol, and I learned the term “industrial english”. lol.

anyways, CPC official has some very very very very very “uh oh baddddd words about us”. (soooooo, did he learn them from ME?). I is a badddddd kittty meowwwwwwww.

Soooo if we’re such bad people, does this meanz we can haz cheeszeburger, and referrendum about independence? (a funny internet meme about a fat grey cat looking excited asking “I can haz Cheezeburger?!”. (Context, we are excited for something. Namely leaving this rather silly “Special” situation.

But since I’m doing journalism, we need a balanced prespective. The incident that started this kitty fitz was, some MTR passangers were accosting a mainlander tourist, who was doing something as harmless as eating on a MTR.

Like really now, there are alot of more worthy things (warranting the red security button) that happen on the Shanghai metro (like a video of a very very FOUL mouthed, lady calling a young girl “BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB” (female “Bie” frontal anatomy).

Like in Calgary, because of the transient nature of transit migrants coming here for work, and not finding any, it’s very common for a drunken worker drunk on MOUTHwash passed out….(Like this one time there was a aborginal eldery who collapses on to the hard esclator (forhead on the pointy track edge, so I ran to the phone and called for a emergency). Another one some stupid teenagers were harassing an aborginal elder and his wife. Another time, some dickhead was trying to mug us. etc etc etc).

Like this one time, TRANSIT workers were having a rowdy fun on the train. (They were in town for a hockey tourney among Transit Union. All I could hear from the older (mature drivers) was “I’mmmmmm out of controollllll” (then they went to ranchman’s (a pub-grill, seen on Cool Runnings, where Team Jamacia starts a rowdy with Team Germany, which degenerates into a bar bru ha ha (which was total bullshit. That movie is soooo false man. None of that shit happened. For starters, 1) Team Germany was one of the first to welcome Team Jamaica 2) Calgarians arn’t really prone to drunken violence (how the Canuck fans (they actually destroyed their city TWICE). 3)Albertans arn’t rednecks that start fights, when the ethnogensis of Albertans are a smorgasborg buffette of many different ethnicities, ALOT of them are actually people who escaped the religious lunacy in Europe, Like the Dukaboors, and Amish, and Hutterites, and other orders from Protestant Hugonaught, There’s a Shek temple in a neighborhood ironically CALLED temple (but it’s not named that because of that), There’s a Mormon temple, Catholic catherdrals, new agers…. ummmm Hong Kong. Calgary is like Hong Kong, except with no sea lol. But those Edmontonians stole our University. Grrrrrrr. One city gets the capital one city gets the university was the deal!!!!! that wasn’t part of the the deal… That wasn’t part of the deal!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah UofA, you have the primer hospital, but we have the Chinese Goddess of Democracy in our Machall, so ptttttbbbbbbhhhlll. (A copy of her, from the “incident” as it’s called here).


Cathay Pacific says to Hong Kong Airlines. *Snap* nunnuhh uhhh, oh no you didn’t!

and likewise orders Airbuses…. While mainland airlines are encumbered with debt! and don’t bring in revenue, and whines about “carbon taxes”.

On Married with Children, (aka “Al Bundy”), Al is desperate to see his favourite western movie “Hando”, and plans a whole afternoon manly rituals. His wife commands him to do manly things like home repair, (fixing the stairs….. and the light to the basement), Al goes to the store to pick up batteries, for the flashlight, and light bulb etc. But the modern computerized store’s comp crashes, trapping the shoppers inside, Al then tries to take tools and smash the super glass, and a lady teases him saying “Somebody hasn’t been getting his fiber”…

Somebody hasn’t been gettingggggg his fiber (men’s woolies are fiberless, also soaked in toxic goo (of a funeral perservatives kind).

Eye don’t SEE a problem with this……

coloured contact lenses with toxic GOO.




This sucks, she was only 30 years old! Beauty Queen, who’s large empire was built on graft, and she bilked investors millions, to squander on her self. Who am I kidding. She stole LOTS of money, just like any CPC overlord has. In a country where people die of poverty, But sucks she was so young though.
Arrow cry cry cry cry cry * Sweet Chariot. Coming to take me home!*. *plays Haromica*


Here’s a big hint China. STOP KILLING PEOPLE. STOP KILLING CHILDREN!, stop spreading Hep C with “bearfoot doctors”, stop executing people. So the young. population can stay ALIVE. Like I know my generation are little “S” who squandered our gifts from the Baby boomers (who invented the internet, electric guitar, electronic fuel injections, and gave us stem cells), but you really got to stop killing the kids, so they ummmmm GROW UP China.

You know the universe is in peril and screwed up and upside down, when the CANADIAN Loonie is worth MORE than the Washington, because America has those crazy mad scientists doing wicked cool insano stuff. (again I’m into the Dan Brown). ACME. “American Companies Making Everything”. (aka that company on Loony toons that hurt the coyote, when he F-s around and makes silly contraptions. And ends up falling off a Utah cliff into the abyss below),ppttth sillly Americans, and your cliff “Drift King” roads (those crazy Japanese kids driving off mountain cliffs, and landing and driving off gracefully drifting). or those out back Chinese country roads. (ie the Lado road, of WWII), or Lombard street of San Fran, or Tuen Mun highway (that takes us to Disneyland). Honestly how pain freak are some of these evil engineers…. or……. Lamma’s bike paths. but a nation that goes to the Moon, where not even the immortal Monkey King went to, (he went under the sea and into a mountain or something, or heaven, in the clouds, but never the moon). COMMONER NASA monkeys did that. went into space.

!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!?!!?!?!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!??!!?!??!!??!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!???!?!?!??!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?Huh!?!?!?!?!? Gwau? Gwau? Gwau?????!?!?!?!?!!!?!!??!?!!?!?!??!??!!?!??!?!!?!?!?!?!??!!?! Dudewhut!??!!?!!?!?!! Che? Que? Nani? Shen me? ?!?!??!?!?!?!??!!?!!?!?!!!?!?!??!

Now this is CRAZY. 2012, is really starting to give me the FREAK outs. For starters, I finally get a professional “Real” job, help build a church, Finally get to visit Canada, after two years (and see my baby cat), and momentarily have a baby cat (my own on Lamma. I miss her. She was one of these Manx cats, with no tail, well she HAS a tail, a little puff, and she tries to curl it in when sleeping, and she snores on my bed, Jarome ELVIS (lol) Iginla, scores 600 points in the NHL, the Winnipeg Jets are restored back to Canada (after a 15 year fan campaign to bring it back), Gaddafy dies, Kim Jong dies, The Kachin rebels cease fire and begin diplomacy with Burma, as does Karen and Shan. The nuclear meltdown goo gooing up the Western Seaboard, End of Iraq, South Sudan independence, and Putin in peril, (after a 20 year dictatorship)…. and….. China’s rapid rise rapid collapse, and now China, a country with fuel shortages (the coal fields all over the country exploding up for the past 5 years, (one of the early failures), China cuts off a VITAL fuel supply? (when it lost Lybia?!?!!?!?!, and it’s overseas oil supplies are not producing effectively).

Ok this doesn’t make sense! They’re pulling some crazy Sun Tsz mind games here. They’re probably doing this to see how many China watcher’s heads explode, or melt like plastic, or sparks fly, akin to shorting out electronics. This way, when China DOES really do something, they can’t be stopped, because China experts are collapsed on carpet, with microchip smoke coming out ears…. That’s it It has to be!

Like this is the most IMPOSSIBLE thing China can do, is give an ally a F you.Something is defiantly very very going on.


second victim of the Chicken plague. Be safe Lamma, take care of health.


Bus accident. No sarcastic comment. :_(


Monk dies in captivity.


the other North Korean prince, writes.

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Chinese Chinese Versus Civilized Beings

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 25, 2012

China is a country and Chinese is a race. All Chinese, however, do not come from China, a thing the communists do not like to admit. My question is this:
wtf is wrong with Chinese from China?
I mean it, i am not joking. Yes I bemoan the exploits of the people here and the dark force that governs them, but I only do this because it is true. These people are screwed.
But why is it that Chinese from other countries are civil humans like the rest of us?

Take Taiwan, for example. The people from there are relatively free spirited, the women are hot and the guys don’t prance around like toy poodles. And Taiwan, lest you forget, does have people who have descended from the mainland. So, if Taiwanese are pretty much like us, then why don’t the mainlanders get it?

You of course, will say that it is due to communism and the hell it has wrought, at which point I will slug you on the helmet you must wear to protect the soft spot that surrounds your dim witted skull.

The communist thieves opened the doors to humanity full generation ago. This means that ALL of the one child wastes of resources have seen real human beings and thus, if they possessed a modicum of intelligence, could have mimicked them and acted human- but alas they don’t .

The Chinese of today operate at a level of emotional functioning that is equivalent to a toddler or intelligent canine.

They cannot prolong gratification, they fail to understand humanity and feel compassion, and smell like a mixture of garlic and failure.

A good example would be Chinese behavior while ‘waiting’ in line. While you wait patiently to buy a ticket, to enter the subway, to buy bread, anything, there will be a local chinese jumping in line and stuffing money at the cashier. A good analogy would be to think of ‘slopping the pigs’ or feeding barnyard animals. Animals have no concept of sharing , thus they all rush to the slop, shoving past everyone else. This is China.

And again, let me remind you it is not a communist thing. For Cubans, in Cuba are very polite. They wait in line, they do not howl nor screech into phones and are very nice people
So wtf is wrong with Chinese?

The only thing I can come up with is that Gowron is correct “Fk You China”

(and yes that is a pic of the mother of a one child waste allowing her child to urinate at the steps of the subway when there are public toilets a few steps away)

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Behind the Scene Look at China’s Communist Party Meeting

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 25, 2012

Every year the communists descend upon beijing like Chinese men to fashion purses.
The king commies share war stories of lives taken, money stolen and children sold. Eventually they grow tired of the work of being a communist and have a little fun.
This pic comes from mop.com and my chinese is not that good, but I believe this is a photo explaining the process one must follow in order to move up communist China’s power ladder…..I guess this is what is meant by giving China’s communist leaders ‘ face’

China’s Red’s doing it Greek style…

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