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China News from “The King”- China, a Laugh a Day…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 20, 2012

Here is a news recap from Gowron, the King of Asia…


Wtd if you haven’t seen Little Miss Sunshine, you should. It’s about a the funnies of the falsehoods dashed dreams but refreshing realities of the American Dream. It’s about a dysfunctional family who’s traveling to California, one is a WWII vet with PTSD, one is a son who has taken a Emotastic vow of silence to get into the Airforce academy, little miss sunshine a REAL american girl vs the skinny disney esque beauty pagents, a suicidal uncle, etc etc. in a broken down VW minibus.

Anyways, this chinese girls’ heart (article), is little miss Rainshine, because the pagent tried to rip her off saying she was too young, all she wanted to do was visit America…Like sheesh if the promotors didn’t have the trip then they could have just said so.


Jeeze, And I though, the Tony Roma’s dishwasher was unsanitary. (see a dishwasher pressure washer uses a basin for super heated water, it’e supposed to be flushed every two hours, and replaced with ungobbery greasy goo. (dismantled and flushed out. (The Jet rack, (because bits of bones food, toothpicks, etc etc ummm Recycled oil), gets lodged in there, So I do that. but the lazy boys, at the end of the shift just want to go home and leave me frozen goo in the morning to clear up, which resembles Jebba the Hutt’s semen. reativly Clean, from what I see here in the big Stinky.

So I spend half and hour just getting the dish pit ready, and get this, the sous chef yells at me. ME who’s doing the job properly.


But but but I was taught to hate Laowais?!?!? i though they were all bad big whities who want to sell us Smack, and give us AIDS, and invade us, and make businesses against us, and help the Japanese holocaust, and etc etc etc.


Well THIS is perhaps why China’s Simines trains crash. All the fucking lazy workers are on strike. YUp that’s right China, blame the workers.


Oh this one is easy…….. 100% in China. What with all that Roid meats, metal water, cargenic undies, smokes 3 times stronger than Canadian Quebec ones, and the toxins in everything causing the anal retentive crapping, so that on their way home at the END of the day, they crap in the streets….


Here’s a BIG reform hint. the Big RED 1 if you will: STOP FUCKING STEALING LIKE A BUNCH of CRACK BABIES from Vancity! 2) Stop being such pretty boy princess faggots, combing your sexy mane, and GET A REAL job to support the economy instead of driving around like a bunch of Orange County girls. (I’m talking about the fucking Chinese ones).


Monkey business. Well THIS EXPLAINS EVERYTHING! the ZhoungRem Yinghang (translated as: Fuck fuck fuckitty fuck fuckheads of fuck), is REALLY staffed by a bunch of monkeys, and this is some secret taunting code to us that they’re going to follow Simos in a Monkey King revolution, and Earth is the planet of the Apes. Unfortunatly the Cats have a the same idea, worshiping the great cat goddess, aka “Catwoman” from Batman. With their mao mao mao code.


If MGD of Canada leaves China then I can buy them with good faith. I’d say make them in Mexcio, they have a good high tech sector, or even Costa Rica, or Brazil, or even better slowly make a fair amount of them in AMERICA again. This way, the American economy grows,

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The King of Brews Brings It on China….Killer Construction in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 20, 2012

Great comment and article from the Brew man!

“”Drive across, breathe, eat and falsely hope at your own risk.”

In the land of lethal lamb, death dumplings, toxic tofu, mortiferous mutts, cancerous cows, “baked” baby formula, rancid rice and wanton water of waste, it turns out China has an endless all-you-can-eat tofu buffet of: baneful bridges of bloody bereavement. Be warned: I’m only listing half the bridges in the post.


“In China, it seems every year can see a bridge collapse, here is a list of bridge collapse accidents in recent years, after seeing many tragedies I think our government really should take measures to avoid it.

Guangdong Jiujiang Bridge

The Jiujiang Bridge collapsed on June 15, 2007. after a cargo vessel ploughed into a section of the 1,600-meter-long bridge. Four cars plunged into the river and nine people were killed.

Jujiang Bridge was open to the traffic in 1988; it is an important transport hub linking eastern and western Guangdong. Test in 2005 showed that everything is all right with the bridge.

Qijiang Rainbow Bridge

The 180 metre-long Rainbow bridge collapsed in Qijiang county On Jan 4th 1999,three years after it had been built by a private contractor. Forty people died and 14 people were injured in the tragedy.


Liaoning Yingkou Xiongyue Bridge

Xiongyue Bridge was broken under the impact of the flood on August 2, 2006, two piers collapse and two bridge plates fell down. In the accident, a car fell into the river, and one of victims was recovered from water, but the other one was missing.

Western Hunan Tuojiang Bridge

Aug. 14, 2007, the 328-meter-long, 42-meter-high Tuojiang River bridge in Fenghuang County, in western Hunan Province, collapsed on Monday afternoon when an estimated 123 workers were dismantling its steel scaffolding. Construction began in March 2004 and had been scheduled to open to traffic at the end of the month.


Heilongjiang Tieli West Bridge

June 29, 2009, Heilongjiang Tieli West Bridge collapsed, resulting in eight cars fell into the water, four people were killed. Hulan River Bridge was built in 1973, 1997, has been repaired.

Chongqing Pengshui red mud Trough Bridge

May 27, 2010, Chongqing Pengshui red mud Trough Bridge collapsed, an engineer vehicle fell under the bridge, the driver injured. The bridge was put into use in 1998.


Xinjiang Korla Peacock River Bridge

April 12, 2011, Xinjiang Korla Peacock River Bridge collapsed, no casualties, the bridge was completed on August 1, 1998 and known as “the first cross-river in the Northwest.”

Fujian Mount Wuyi Mansion Bridge

July 14, 2011, Fujian Mount Wuyi Mansion Bridge wholly collapsed, a tourist bus fell down the bridge, one person was killed and 22 injured. The construction was started in1996, and open to traffic in 1999 with a total investment of about 17 million Yuan.

Hangzhou Qiantang Thrid Bridge

July 15, 2011, part of Hangzhou Qianjiang Third Bridge collapsed suddenly, a heavy truck fell from the bridge Qianjiang Third Bridge was opened to traffic in 1997, with a investment of half a billion. In October 2005, Qianjiang Third Bridge began its first overhaul; May 2006, Qianjiang Third Bridge again was closed for reinforcement; before the accident, the leadership of Zhejiang Provincial Communications Department drove by the road and found that there were cracks in the bridg and were ready for transport blockade maintenance.

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Hong Kong Brings the HeHe with a Funny Anti- Chinese Locust Mom Ad

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 20, 2012

This photo shows how the Hong Kong’ers feel about mainland mothers coming to Hong Kong to shuck out their little one child disappointments.

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Dhinese Entrepreneur

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 20, 2012

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Curious Chinese

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 20, 2012

Many of the Chinese behavior patterns can be termed invasive. They stare, gawk and ask absurd questions that one usually has no desire to answer.

Run to the Starbucks for a sandwich and return “what you got there?” they say, rubbernecking at the bag.

“none of your fucking business” you want to say. But of course, being a guest ‘hahah sandwich’ you mumble.

“chiense are curious”, your chinese friends explain when you voice your exasperation at such things.

“ah ok” you say.

What you’d really like to tell them is that ‘no chinese are not curious, they are rude as hell. curious is “Hm I wonder how many people chairman Mao really killed. Or “Why do Chinese shy away from bathing and a good hair washing? Or, “Why does uncle chicom fear the Tibetans?”

That is curiosity, a desire to question or wonder. ‘Invasive’ , however is the impudent questioning or interjection of oneself into business and or subject matters in which they have no right to know.

So, in summary, ‘no chinese are not curious. decades of brainwashing, coupled with fear an oppression have made them an invasive people who lack the subtle skills that those in civilization have acquired. The net result is that 1.34 billion Chinese pry into your daily affairs and fail to realize just how annoying they really are….

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