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China News- Chinese Fireman Sets Self Ablaze, Africa Loves China and a Fat Guy on the Subway

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 26, 2012

Here are some Chinese news stories of interest. In my usual unassuming and professional manner, I will cut to the chase and give you the highlights.

Chinese go to Africa to colonize and abuse the local laborers. The Africans cannot stand the smell of garlic and ignorance and so they kidnap the Chinese. The Chinese, however, do not care because they have assloads of replacements.

Porsche is recalling cars in China not because they fear harm will come to the locals, but because it’s cheaper than paying a lawsuit.


An angry Chinese guy set himself on fire to protest something, I forget what and I am too lazy to click the link below. If memory serves, however, he was upset about not getting a bonus or a paycheck…

Fire Me

Chinese innovation

China, proving its innovative spirit has invented a grand thing called the ‘supermarket’ and are exporting the ‘supermarket’ to Korea. WTF?Yeah, China is bringing supermarkets to Korea. Isn’t that what all countries need, mela milk, fake rice and botulism beets…

Chinese Fertilizer company grows its revenue
Some Chinese company who peddles fertilizer grew its profits, or so they say. In all reality, if you believe anything a Chinese company or person says then please do me a favor and visit the tallest building you can find, go to the roof and then run as fast as you can and don’t stop till you hit bottom.


China’s Liren’s massive Loan Defaults

Chinese are good at obfuscation and one of their newest money making ventures is outright theft. This ‘bank’ stole a ton of cash from the locals. Don’t worry, however, the slime who stole the money have already sent their toxic offspring to the US, Canada, Australia or to Europe.
Say ‘hello’ to your next neighbor, Chinese communist defectors….

(ps, the pic is of some fat guy I saw on the subway)

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Luxury Living in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 26, 2012

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Artless Chinese Artifacts

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 26, 2012

China has a ton of history and little to show for it. Thus stuff is some ancient chinese artifact that all the locals who are just happy to not have their vagina’s sewn shut, oooh and ahhh over.
The truth is that what the locals call art, looks like it belongs in a kindercare. You go there and look at the stuff and are like wtf?
It looks like something a toddler brings home to grannie in the first grade…

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Formaldhyde floors, Chinas Newest Poisonous Product

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 26, 2012

China has cornered the market on greed, sloth, corruption, ugly, and despicable….oh yeah, they make shitty products too. One of their newest weapons of mass destruction is formaldhyde flooring.

You really have to wonder if at some level they are not trying to kill each other off, in some retro cultural revolution type thing. The way they see it, one less chinaman is one less headache at the cashier, and one less idiot squeezing themselves into the subway, or picking his nose, cutting his toenails in public, spitting…..

you know what? Perhaps the Chinese are onto something. Go ahead china, produce those cancerous floorboards!

Shanghai authorities are testing flooring manufactured by A&W, or Anxin Flooring Company, for the presence of phenol formaldehyde resin. Reports that excess amounts of this toxic adhesive were found in Anxin’s flooring broke out Feb. 18, according to the 21st Century Business Herald in Guangzhou.

The 21st Century Business Herald cited government statistics, saying Anxin sold 3 million square meters of flooring in 2004. Its sales were ranked first in China and fifth in the world.

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Hillary Knows China- “China You’re Despicable”

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 26, 2012

How cool is Hillary Clinton? She has more balls than the senate and congress together. I still don’t understand why we chose Barry aka malt liquor Obama, instead of her. I gues it is a symbol of the shriveling of Americas collective nads.
Anyho, Hillary called China despicable. The reason why she did so is no big deal, I just like to geek on the fact that she said it.
Kick out obunghole and elect Hillary C


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Toxic Chinese Stocks Sold in the USA

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 26, 2012

The US Securities and exchange commission is investigating yet another American listed Chinese stock for fraud. Things have gotten so bad that the US had to set up a special commission just for Chinese companies operating in the US. At issue is the fact that the Chinese falsify financial info and outright lie in most things financial.

Over 20% of all Chinese stocks sold in the US have come under scrutiny and Americans still buy.

Do not be so stupid!!! Think about it like this.
-china is not transparent
-the communist party is not transparent
-the communist party is active in over 50% of all China’s GDP ( report fro US congress in 2011)
-chinese have no morals
-communists have no soul
-communists knowingly sold AIDS tainted blood to make a buck
-communists steal and sell babies
-Chinese companies knowingly added poison to milk powder killing babies in 2008
-Chinese companies knowingly added poison to milk powder killing babies in 2009
-Chinese companies knowingly added poison to milk powder killing babies in 2010
-Chinese companies knowingly added poison to milk powder killing babies in 2011
-chinese do not value life nor do they understand morals

If you put your money in the hands of the Chinese and their companies then you deserve what you get. And if you put your cash in their hands and lose your cash, an you will, con’t worry for a chicom will come buy your house form under you.
Use your brains..

“-China had yet another company imvestigated

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s civil suit, filed in a Manhattan federal court, alleges the company’s Chairman Ming Zhao and former CEO Liping Zhu tried to “steal and sell” Puda Coal’s coal mining company Shanxi Puda Coal Group, the company’s only source of revenue.
The complaint claims that Zhao transferred a controlling interest to himself, and then sold a substantial portion to a fund.
This marks the latest case by the SEC in its ongoing probe into accounting irregularities at Chinese-based companies that list on U.S. exchanges. Puda Coal was previously listed on NYSE Amex, which is owned by NYSE Euronext. The company was delisted last year.”


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