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Dreamworks to Suck- Dreamworks Sells Tech to Chicoms

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 19, 2012

Dreamworks has decided that they are sick of making good movies so they are doing a jv with the chinese. After all, who would not like to work with a country, where before making making a movie, you must embed the mini member of the communist party illiterate thugs, so they can bless your script.
Based upon the stellar record of Chinese flicks, I for one cannot wait to see the cartoon depiction of the rape of nanjing, or the touching story of that one dumbass who after getting run over by a truck, was declared a national hero…
Dreamworks, you suck

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Damn! Chinese Dams Suck!- Poor Quality of Chinese Dams

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 19, 2012

Here is a winner from the King of the Brewmen….
“I’ve commented before on China’s dams, but this long tooooo post is TOOOOO good to pass up….


“On June 18, 2011, about three hundred leading experts in China’s water resources and hydropower industry gathered in Yichang, Hubei Province, to attend the Annual Conference held by the CNCLD. The participants included Wang Shucheng, former Minister of Water Resources and current chairman of the CNCLD, and Lu Youmei, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and former general manager of the Three Gorges Corporation.


During his presentation at the CNCLD meeting, Zhou Jianping, chief engineer of the China Hydropower Engineering Consulting Group, showed the audience about ten photos of different dam accidents. These images, never before disclosed, shocked the general audience, but especially reporters from the media. Afterwards, reporters from Southern Weekend did a great deal of research, but could find little detail about the incidents on the Internet.

The first picture was about the Ertan Hydropower Station built on the Yalong River (a tributary of the Yangtze, in Sichuan Province), whose spillway tunnel was completely destroyed by flood waters.


Another photo caused a buzz in the audience: the flood spillway of the Sanbanxi dam in Jinping County, in southeast Guizhou Province, was totally destroyed on July 26, 2007, after only 13 hours of operation. Apparently, there was a problem with the quality of construction, causing as much as 13,000 cubic meters of concrete and rock to wash away, leaving a pit as deep as 11 meters, or the equivalent of a three-story high building. According to Zhou Jianping, the consequences could have been disastrous if floods had occurred at the same time and the operators were unable to close the sluice gates.

At the Jinghong dam, built on the Lancang-Mekong River and lauded as one of the most important hydro dams in Yunnan Province, the flood discharge channel twice suffered serious damage from floods, once in 2008 and then again in 2009. As the picture illustrated, the channel was torn open like a big mouth as if blown up by a bomb, with steel bars hanging around like withered plants.

Another of the incidents resulted in casualties: as Zhou Jianping explained, the road leading to the site of the Jishixia dam on the Yellow River in Qinghai Province suddenly collapsed one evening as a result of silt being discharged. Drivers of two vehicles unknowingly drove along the damaged road, crashing into the Yellow River. At least eight people are still missing.

In his speech to the conference, Zhou Jianping concluded that the accidents were the result of low standards, including inadequately prepared surveys, unscientific design and construction plans, mismanaged construction, absence of quality control and supervision, and even fraud in building materials. All of these factors have contributed to the poor quality of dam projects and compromised the safety of dams.


Dams under construction are also encountering problems. The Xiluodu hydropower station, for instance, China’s second largest hydropower dam on the Jinsha River, has been experiencing construction problems going back to 2010. Engineers and workers on the construction site found that, after pouring hundreds of cubic meters of concrete, the template was incorrectly positioned. A person familiar with the situation said that the financial cost of the mistake was not big, but the time lost to removing the concrete (which had already solidified), and re-pouring it, seriously affected the project’s schedule.

According to a 2009 report by the Sinohydro Engineering Bureau 3 Company Limited, entitled, “A summary report on technological research dealing with problems at hydraulic structures,” problems have occurred at a number of dams: cracks were discovered in section 6 of the Danjiangkou dam (on the Han River, a tributary of the Yangtze [ii]; leaks occurred in the Shiban hydrodam structure in Fuling (formerly in Sichuan Province and currently a District of Chongqing Municipality[iii]; leaks also occurred in the Tianshengqiao tunnel of the Erlangba hydrodam in Shaanxi Province; and concrete defects have been found in the shiplock of the Three Gorges dam project. In fact, according to a 2006 survey of Three Gorges, 733 cracks, with a total length of 4,688 meters, on both the eastbound and westbound channels of the shiplock, have leaked water. But, the survey said, these cracks were subsequently repaired in order to meet the design requirements “through professional treatment.”

Here’s a couple of dam-related articles I’ve posted before:




Also, I should be popping in more often to help reveal the charade of China’s communist mystique.

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Gowron Brings a Rant…

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 19, 2012

Here is a nice rant by the King, and I whole-heartedly agree that we need a ‘survivors of china’ group, or something like that…

From the King

Huck out the gooage. Actually back in Canada. I spit alot. But in the Gutter, in the corners where people can’t see, or in the garbage. or Urinal, but I didn’t make a big show of it. I usually have one big huck out, in the morning, when showering. But it’s like burping, or letting one go. But you always says opps excuse me. You just don’t spit like the goo spitting raptors on Jurassic park, who gooed “Newman” in the face…

But try to do it in a hankey, anyways, it’s GOOD to get some goo out sometimes. So cough it out man, cough it out. Honestly give the gaming centers a try, I’m assuming you can read Chinese… I can’t. These little shits really need to be taught a lesson, always Gaying like that in 3s holding hands so I can’t fucking go around them as they shasay their asses. And I if I see another pretty boy make a either a “Heart shape” I’m going to rape his tiny little asshole. Either that or a “yeah” with the peace fingers. Like can they at least say “Yeah” properly. instead of breathing it out like a retard…or a gay gay from Police Academy when the asshole cops (usually Harris and Procter), get sent to the “Blue Oyster” a gay bar. Fuck, the White strips song “Gay bar” is more of a man than they are.

Shitty Chinese Hair Cuts, Japan Bashing and Sell Out Westerners , this is what I saw on the chicom channel today.
Shitty haircuts…some aged Chinese hag-redundant, with that eerie shade of gravel gray teeth, is hosting some worthless drivel of a tv show.The thing is that on top of her round head, she’s got a stank of hair that has shifted to one side so that she looks like Samuel l Jackson in the movie un breakable. Wtf are Chinese thinking? The men carry purses and are no bigger than a door stop and the women go bald at 30 and smell like cat urine.
Japan Bashing. Some chicom channel, which in abeyance to Chinese laws -oxymoron, ran family oriented programming. The one I saw was a multi houred saga of Japan invading china. In one scene, the Japanese are bayoneting the Chinese women and children and the screams of agony is harrowing. Then the Japanese douse the bodies with gas and burn them. This movie aired at seven pm.
Wtf are the commies thinking by running a show like that in prime time?
Also, Why dont they man up to Japan? Instead of making veiled threats, why don’t they step?
Because their micro members will be kicked around their ears just like they were before,,,,,message to china, either strap it on or let it go, you sound like a whiney bitch….
Sell out Westerners. I love America, after all , how many other countries did God create? And I respect Chinese who loves their country, no matter how horrid it is. What I hate are traitor bastards who come here to suckle the pap of the communist party and it’s orgy of pos hangers on.
Today there was a “debate ” about free trade in china.
First off, true debate in china is occurs about as frequently as a chinaman running a 9.5 in the 100 meters or a Chinese woman with double D’s.
So this channel has a passel of “experts” ie, limp membered wannabes whose highest degree occurred at some voc Ed school in the hills of the ozarks and whose bride was bought off some low rent intermet marriage site.
These foreign experts debate Chinese policy with fat faced china men with teeth scattered more than my thoughts, and those funny little boy suits they all wear. (ADD-moment- wtf ?can a real man buy clothes here? All the shirts are better suited for oompahs or elves

>>> Actually elves are more taller and gayer than these pretty boys, and. more effiminate. Like Link from Zelda. I just CAN’T take him seriously, Or prince Legolas.ohhhh nevermind I see where you’re going with this, the gay clothes these “boys” wear.

I honestly want to see wrestling patch with Ewocks, Ommpa Loompas and midgets. That would be a Mush trip. God I wish they just legalize pot here in China, so I can get stoned. and forget I’m here, and finally emerge 3 years latter away from this shit hole, in the reserves and working towards a nice “normal” life in suburbia. Sooo Wtd how much more time are you doing before release?

and is it asking to much to get a pair of sized 11.5 shoes here?)
Back to the rant…so all these trolls are wrapping their mouths around words like trade and china and benefitting mankind, and I got the 38 special sticking in my ear ready to end it all if I gotta listen to more.

>>>> Gah man, take it out on the kids by fucking with what REALLY matters to them their preciousssss games. The same level over and over again, Like is my fault that they don’t quit and just restart the level? Away from me? if they’re THIS stupid not to do that they deserve me shooting them in the asshole and fucking their dead face (going up to their dead character and pressing crouch, stand crouch stand, tea bagging. I do love it when they try to fight back, (This means that I got inside their head). This is pure Orgasmic. For everytime these assholes honk their horns causing random heart attacks, (Honestly I won’t feel sad if they did this to the WRONG person in the states or start driving like a fag, and some one caps their ass. Or they try to see if their magical Chinese anger works here, and gets knocked on their tiny bums.

What I particular love doing is just throwing a molotov in an enclosed room, (like say the human’s “safe room”. run outside and keep closing the door as they try to escape. (this also activates the zombie players, because I ran out side the safe zone. BEFORE the dickhead are ready. Sometimes I just watch them slowly die. (in left 4 dead, players have a little leeway where they can be saved when knocked down. Pure comedy.

Then I shelve the weapon when I hear some buffalo headed yank pine away about china and how he hopes we can all be more like them…..
The fat little commies smack their hands together out of rhythm and cheese for the cameras and it is this point that I realize I just need to man up, take one for the team , stay in this shit stain and report on the reality of this fucked up place…you want to imagine hell on earth?

>>>> Speaking of Zombies and demons and monsters and video games. I’m honestly NOT afraid of such a fate for humanity. I lived it. Like I keep saying that comedy movie “Final Destination”, about young Americans dying horrible deaths in accidents. is REAL here. (let’s see, part 1. Airplane blows up, Check part 2. Rollercoaster blows up Check, part 3. Speedway accident, check, no wait part 2 was the Freeway DOUBLE check, part 4. I think was the speed way, part 5. the BRIDGE collapse. Like I know I’m immuned to all sorts of biblical end times, if China is STiLL taking my dieased blood (cancered blood). I know I’m likely one of the heros from “The Stand”, as you are, too, as sadly many Chinese are….. Good ol evolution and germs and pooey water, and the smell of humanity’s Shame. (poo smell everywhere). Well at least, you can say to men that you “survived” China.

That should be a reality show. I survived China. Or better like you said, we all should write a book or at least keep all our our correspondences, and through satistical comparison (that they more or less are identical to other’s posts, from other blogs). And when this bum cancer is examined….. ie when people can safely film the garbage here for instance, or the funny coloured water, or the decaying everything. they’ll know we’re telling the truth.

Fuck you China fuck you very very much.

Just imagine all of acting a little more like china….
Btw. Expect a book after a bit…….

>>> But good good let it all out. Sometimes you just gotta puke it out. the body ejects things that are very unhealthy for it, would be it booze or some unagreeable bit of food. Puking is like deporting illegal immergrants. These parasitical or poisonous matter in your stomach, or butt hole, really shouldn’t be there. It’s corrupting your healthy body, and the body wants it out. So you crap it out, or puke it out….. Just remember to try and hit the toliet. lol. shouldn’t be to hard since all the toliets in this fuckhole are one giant stinky hole…….. where their soul was.

Fuck you China. I’m heading to Israel eventually to learn how to be a medic with a volunteer program (eventually, then I’m fucking off back to Canada, to purge (puke), out this 4 years of pure stinky poison.

Like I’m so envious of the Japanese, they have a world that WORKS, Korea, a world that works, Hong Kong a world that works, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore. What the flying fuck is China and North Korea’s problem? Why do they have to be a stinky shit pooey hole? And I was in Scouts I shat in some nasty places. But those are 4 star hotel washrooms with the attendant shaving you, and giving you a mint, and all sorts of eminities, compared to

Ah fuck it. Fuck you China. Isreal, Brazil, I’m expating there. I’m going to finish my education, get er done, and continue the homeless. Although I’m going to find it extremely challenging to hold back biting retorts, when they complain about their so called life problems. As heart breaking as they are, Homeless in Canmerica had it better than 99.9% of China. For starters they can SHIT on a toliet! Without strange water based “space insects”. So yip yip yip yip mumumumumum get a job!

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Special Ed and Chinese Basketball

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 19, 2012

If there were ever a question as to whether Jeremy Lin were from China, it has now been erased. I have been watching the chinese basketball all star game and it is brutal.
There is stephon Marburg in his wheel chair, and a few other bros who can play, but the locals are an embarrassment. Out of the 80 total points scored, fewer than a dozen come from the Chinese. Aside from that, I watched some Chinese pro..hahaha miss all three of his slams in the dunk contest, and the next was even worse.
Can any human explain to me how china can have soooooo many people who give sooooo little to mankind?

Ps its funny how the Chicoms knockoff the nba, they play the same songs, do the same things and even allow chinas biggest pin cushions (skanks)to parade around on the court during breaks.

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Four Hong Kong Hospitals To Stop Admitting Pregnant Chinese Locust Moms

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 19, 2012

Hong Kong is fed up with the mainland locusts who have invaded their turf. As such, we get this
“The Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong. Four local public hospitals will stop accepting reservations from expectant mothers from mainland China from next year,”
America should do it too. You will see that with an increase in the ease of Chinese travel to the US, the Chinese locusts will hatch more of their worthless one child disappointments in our country
from here

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Jeremy Lin And The Chicoms

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 19, 2012

Jeremy Lin can ball, and he’s pretty sharp too. He was born in the land of freedom, but his roots are Taiwanese. I repeat, Taiwanese. Of course, the ‘one loser kids’ of the round heads here do not see it that way.

All that lies under the sun belongs to the emperor, thus JL is emperors property.

There is even talk here about trying to get the J man to hoop for the dirty reds -china, in the Olympics. Wtf?
Hoop it up for the big stinky and not taiwan?

And if he did want to play for team neo nazi, he’d have to renounce his us citizenship to do so. What a deal. Give up the right to live in the best country this side of Ireland, all so he can represent the most violent passle of ignorant hate Kongers the world has ever seen. Then, after joining the side if evil, he can while away his days in viscous nox filled air, while worrying that all the food he is eating is tainted and then being beaten to death for his land. What a great idea….
Team china, one world one barbaric dictatorship

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