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Shitty Chinese Construction and Death Bridges

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 11, 2012

Brewskie. who doubles as a China analyst has nailed this one. He found some good articles about the reality of Chinese construction, which by mismanagement and outright fraud, is scary at more often deadly…

From the Brew man
“All hail to the king!
China loves her tofu. She eats it day and night pumped with toxic carcinogens. We’re talking about her tofu projects of course.
Here’s one: http://english.people.com.cn/102774/7624320.html
“Xiayi Bridge in Zhengzhou, Central China’s Henan province: About 30 of the 80 railings are broken, putting pedestrians at risk. The bridge was a gift project for the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China; it is less than 2 years old.
Fengda Bridge in Fenghuang county, Hunan province: It collapsed in 2007 during construction, killing 64 people and injuring 22. The local quality inspection department blamed the construction company for greatly compressing the building period to meet the 50th anniversary of the founding of Xiangxi autonomous prefecture.
Wuhan Baishazhou Yangtze River Bridge: Major repairs have been required almost every year since it was completed in 2000.
Hangzhou Subway Line 1: A tunnel collapsed during construction in 2008, killing 21 workers.”
The article ends with “blah blah blah” of tougher CCP actions in the war on tofu. HA! HA! HA! That’ll go like America’s multi-decade war on drugs.
More tofu: http://historysquared.com/2011/06/03/tofu-projects-in-china-cause-the-newly-built-to-crumble/
“The whims of modern architects have been indulged, with a drum-shaped concert hall that looks much like a sawn-off cooling tower, and a leaning library built to resemble a shelf of books – next to a sort of giant cowpat coated in reflective bronze, perhaps symbolising Inner Mongolia’s dairy industry.
Seen from the new expressway which leads to it, it is a majestic line of towers in the haze. But at ground level there is something severely wrong. Traffic is slowed because a huge advertising hoarding has fallen from a bridge on to the carriageway. Like so much of modern China, sparkling at a distance, grubby and cracked close to, the reality does not quite live up to the appearance.
There is far worse to come. One approach road leads past what was until recently a 30,000-seater stadium, costing £100 million and rushed to completion in nine months for last year’s Mongolian Games – horse-racing, archery and wrestling. When it was opened, it looked rather like Concorde about to take off. But soon after New Year’s Day, a whole white wing, plus the central peak, collapsed during the night.
Thank Heaven, there was nobody in it at the time. The road to the ruin is closed but it is possible to hurry by and see the colossal wreck, the tangled steel now cleared away but the missing sections not yet rebuilt.
It is not wise to look too interested, as we shall see. Officials have, of course, denied that the collapse was the result of the hurry to finish in time for the Games.
They blame welding defects and the harsh weather (which was not exactly a surprise in this blizzard-blasted part of the world).
Peking is intensely sensitive about such so-called ‘Tofu Projects’ – hurried and grandiose building schemes, which can and do kill.
In 2007 the new 360-yard Tuojiang Bridge in Hunan fell apart as workers removed its scaffolding.
These are just the ones we have heard about. Who knows how many other disasters or near-disasters have gone unrecorded?”
Eat your heart’s desire at the tofu buffet, China.

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Real Name AIDS Testing in China – Communists Further Suborn the Masses

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 11, 2012

China has scads of AIDS cases that have been reported and millions more that have not. As the disease is misunderstood here and its two main client groups ostracized in China (homosexuals and IV drug users) the wonderment does its best to hide the true incidence of HIV/AIDS here.
Initially the chicoms called AIDS proof that the west was filled with decadent pigs and then once it was found that China did, indeed have AIDS, they have changed their rhetoric.
For the most part, however, the Chinese have no idea of what AIDS really is. Many people from here fear foreigners as they believe that the majority of us have AIDS, although up until a few years ago, if you had it you were not allowed entry into the People’s Republic of China.
Now the Chinese are further hoping to keep down and humiliate her people by mandating real name AIDS testing. Who in their right mind would get a test when they know that as soon as them come up positive, the whole village, area and worse yet, communist leaders will know.What will their future be then?

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Night Time Pollution in Beijing

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 11, 2012

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News About China From “the King”

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 11, 2012

More news from The King


This is simply because the piss skin finger freaks have stolen and copied the hard nutured brain child of industrial people. That’s why they don’t need to import things. Soooooooo, if this being the case why the fuck do we still do business with the vinegar scented sweaters?

Fuck you China.

Oh I mean it’s really Japan’s fault this time yes it is. I don’t know how but it is.



If 3000 hit points is the new threshold after China’s stinky stinky in 2008 falling from 6000 points (lol, huuuhmmph (laughing sound), what the hell is that?!?!) (sound makes when you make fun of a small dick, damn you Chinese Genes for cursing me with this freakish grotesque body. It’s not enough you fuck up the world, but you have to fuck me up with it. Fuck you stinky China fuck you).

Anyways, If 3000 points is the new threshold (as it seems to hover around ther, not even bursting 4000 (forcing a little Chinese effeminate prince to fork over 2000 stinkys to passer bys, his braggart boast), after more accounting scandals perhaps enough to flush this shit out of the New York Stock Exchange already. what would the new low be? As for Hong Kong. high 20,000’s and climing, but hovering around 20-30 K points….

Fuck you China. Oh it’s Japan’s fault. again! isn’t it, Japan has the the Neiki and it’s drawing investment away from the Shitzhen exchange. It couldn’t be the distasteful odor of humanity’s shame is it? you know, urine sweat, underware strewn about, shoes, garbage, a strange metalic smell, sweatty ciggerates, human feces. See if CATS shy away from such foul smelling topics, (hence their obsession with howard huges cleaning),by buring their own shit. Then what the flying fuck makes China think they can ATTRACT investors to visit it’s stinky foul disgusitng cities, vs going to singapore, or other countries.


Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo this is shitty news! If anything China NEEDS more cars on the roads, to cost MORE in death and carnage, to eliminate these mutants of Mao (these Donkey-pig-Gannon from Legend of Zelda- or the SWAT officers from Duke Nuke Em3-D, inbred fuck fucks, who grosses out everyone with Ahhhh fuck it…. Fuck you China… Fuck you and the fuck fuck fuck you fucked in fuck fuck youuuuuuuuuu goddamit). Blame Japan
Well this would explain why ALL the children are such fuck monkeys. But wow! We all knew this in the 30’s! and China is just realising this stuff now? Like, when will they discover that drinking also fucks babies up? Another 50 years ? 2060? Fuck you China……

It’s Japan’s fault, yes it is, had they not invaded blah blah blah, comfort girls blah blah blah, occupation, blah blah blah, rape of nanjing, blah blah, blah. blah. Tojo, blah blah, invasion of Hong Kong, blah blah blah. Then China would be par with the world, blah blah blame Japan, comfort girls blah blah blah, Sparty Islands, blah blah blah, Daoyutai, blah blah blah.


Awwww aint that sweet…. he returned 100,000 RMB because he wants to be a good boy and do the right thing…. He found Buddah, and donates to girl scouts, awwwww and he even helps the neighors, and sings to the birds, and helps elderly cross the road. Let’s give him a cookie…..

Fuck you thief. It’s Japan’s fault, yes it is, had they not invaded blah blah blah, comfort girls blah blah blah, occupation, blah blah blah, rape of nanjing, blah blah, blah. blah. Tojo, blah blah, invasion of Hong Kong, blah blah blah. Then China would be par with the world, blah blah blame Japan, comfort girls blah blah blah, Sparty Islands, blah blah blah, Daoyutai, blah blah blah.


Fuck you China.


Just how STUPID are these fuck monkeys, why do they resemble NOTHING like the stereotype portrays them as? a HIGH school grad bearly a tweenager managed to build a ponzi scheme of Millions. Key words, TWEENAGER, hundreds of Millions. Fuck man, those scamees deserve to have been fucked like that. And a Goat-mutant-pig-donkey- fucker spawn in the mountains Hell most of use haven’t even finished college or trade school then.


Good heavens! why PAY money for crank? when one can get stoned in China for free, “huffing”, as an Albertan, teenager with white out, and or gasoline (in scouts, come on it was the Grunge 90’s, . Vick’s Vapo Rub under the eyes (kids are posting them doing that on Youtube), MDMA, gas bags, pot, booze, white out, lol, Rosanne, Simpsons, Al Bundy…. ), Anyways huffing gets you VERY stoned, So with the fumes of humanity’s shame. (adults shitting in the streets, children shitting in the streets like animals), broken mildew and just shame….. shame….unclean shame…. Why pay for drugs, when you can just go for a nice walk, and get stoned for FREE! It’s called Jenkim, named after a brand of magic marker called Genkem found in South Africa, it’s fremented “Shame”, that you steam in a “gas bag” and breath…..

Except the only problem is I’m not a retarded little fuck monkey anymore, I’m a grown adult trying NOT to fuck up in life, and be productive and what not in this post apcocyptic “lost generation”. I don’t WANT to get high, well maybe a little with Weed (but not for a very long time), anyways, this filth this Shame gets me more stoned than Canadian weed.

So why pay for meth, when you can get it free China? Just smell your own shame! go for a walk. To take a piss in a washroom. There! insta as they say in the pothead world “perma fried”.

Fuck you China.
Fuck you thief. It’s Japan’s fault, yes it is, had they not invaded blah blah blah, comfort girls blah blah blah, occupation, blah blah blah, rape of nanjing, blah blah, blah. blah. Tojo, blah blah, invasion of Hong Kong, blah blah blah. Then China would be par with the world, blah blah blame Japan, comfort girls blah blah blah, Sparty Islands, blah blah blah, Daoyutai, blah blah blah.

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ALL RISE For China News From ‘The King’

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 11, 2012

Gowron, aka The King, brings the Chinese hehe like a world champ. Here is a bit of stinkpot China news from a guy who knows china better than the thugtard eunuchs running this dump…

From The King

Gagagagagaggagagagagagaagaggagaggagagagaggagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagaggagagagagaga god I do hope the Locusts do come to Hong Kong and stink up the place a bunch of HK kids spray them with gagagaagagagagagagagagagagaga

Ummm I mean It’s all Japan’s Fault. Blame Japan. Fuck you Big Stinky fuck you.

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Singapore Closing the Door To Chinese- Why Won’t the US Follow?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 11, 2012

Singapore is closing the door to Chinese wishing to immigrate there. Things are so bad that they are even rejecting investment immigration, a thing whereby dirty Chinese take all that money they stole from this dump and then plunk it down in overseas banks.
The Hong Kong ese are right, however, the Chinese are like the biblical locusts. They have shit on every thing in China both literally and figuratively and now want to jump ship.
The real question is why do we want the peculiar breed of scat who has money in China? They are the spawn of demonic commies who clawed their way up the ladder by selling out their own people and even families. They buy and sell babies, organs and anything that they can and then skip off to civilization.
Do we really need the seed of commies living among us? Next to Sudan and some really fked areas, they have to be some of the most vile beings on earth.
The good one’s dont get visas and cant study in civilization, so the ones that make it are the shit from the rectum that is China.
Mre countries are wising up about China and shutting the doors and the US brain trust and that creepy bastard John locke (I’d hate to see what’s on his hard drive..) are trying to lure the red scag into our land…


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