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Chinese High Fashion Photo

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 28, 2012

“China” and “Fashion” go together like ammonia and bleach, a literally toxic mix.

I’ve been here many a moon, or as the Brits would say ‘many a fortnight’. (Actually I have no idea what a fortnight is, I think it is two weeks, but I fail to see the logic of the term. In addition, wtf is a ‘stone’? I heard our friends in the UK use it as a form of measurement of weight. To me it sounds awkward, kind of like asking how many ‘hands’ tall you are.)

Back to the subject matter at hand-fashion. This guy at http://www.chinesepeoplehavenostyle.com has a sight that critiques Chinese fashion, so it got me to thinking….

My thoughts wandered as they tend to do, but I began to take note of what the Chinese attire themselves with. I’d like to say that I once worked in the Telephone road area of Houston, Texas which is an ‘economically challenged’ area. And while there I saw some oddities like women wearing negligees to the mini mart, curlers in clubs and shower caps as a head adornment. But nothing can compare to what the Chinese call fashion.

These are photos of a Chinese model, showing off the latest in Chinese style. Draped over her panzer-tank like body is what appears to be a child’s bedsheet for a top and those odd dish-washing forearm things they all seem to find favor with. On her rotund rear is a pair of Leervias and she’s got some ADDridraasss sneeks to complete her ensemble.

China I salute your fashion sense and innovative spirit…

(ps don’t hate, ‘cuz you know I am just writing what the rest of you are thinking but are too pc to say)

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China to Purify the Internet

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 28, 2012

China is implementing a six month plan to purify the net of porn. This type of thing is usually just a ruse to stifle free speech of all kinds. The program coincides with the run up to China’s choosing their next dictators. Thus, they can block any free speech that may run counter to the party line.

“The Chinese government plans to launch a six-month campaign to crack down on the spread of “pornographic and vulgar information” over the internet and via mobile phones.”

from here

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China Pollution Photo- My Poor Lungs

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 28, 2012

China’s skies are as opaque as communist party politics, and this photo is proof. On a scale from 0 to ‘cancer’- today is closer to the latter.
The screen grab is from http://iphone.bjair.info/ and shows that breathing Beijing air today is akin to working in a coal mine for a week.

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Savage China and Child Abuse

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 28, 2012

Anyone who abuses women and children is a sick twist who deserves to spend some ‘quality time’ in gen-pop at Attica or Rahway Penitentiary .
All countries have child abuse in one form or another, but this place takes the cake.

Look at the photos of these kids that have been chained up. The really sad thing is that the one child is chained up outside, in front of everyone. Being China, no one does a thing.

I truly think it stems from deep rooted enmity they have for one another and the zero sum game they call life.

A friend told me that he once saw a kid chained up here n the streets of Beijing, and people thought nothing of it.

The Chinese are not ready to join the international community, they need more time. Maybe after a few thousand years they will come around.

Photos from mop.com

Stories about child abuse in China


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I Love Communism -shitty Chinese TV

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 28, 2012

I am watching tv in china and I just heard a song that’s lyrics included
I love the communist part- In chinese
I love china In English

Wtf is wrong with these monsters?

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Why I am Happy That I am Not From China- China Pic

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 28, 2012

We all like to bitch about our countries, it’s somewhat cache. Like, I can say ‘GWB, what an embarrassment’ or ‘how come Hillary has a bigger ‘man tool’ than half the US congress’. Our friends across the pond can bemoan the Queen and or being ruled by the queen, or past dictators or almost losing wars.

But I can guaranty you one thing:
Come to China and you will never ever ever ever, freaking ever hate your homeland again.

You pass through the viscus Chinese air, your lungs filled with soot and you think ‘damn this place is messed up’.

Then you smile because you can always go home.

Then you see assloads of locals who have no plan ‘B’. To them, this is it. Evil dictators, oppression, toxic air, food, soil and water-24x7x365 , this is how they roll.

Then you get down on your knees and thank whatever higher power you choose to believe in and you say ‘thank you, ohhh thank you’ for having me born in ABC Anyplace But China

(ps. regarding the photo, what are the requisite skill sets for this job? Whatever they are, I’m willing to wager they are more profound than those required to be a member of the communist government)

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How Many Chinese Does it Take to Give Directions?- China Video

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 28, 2012

Here is another example of why I am so glad I am from ABC, anywhere but China. By the time the Chinese were done giving directions to some old man my nerves where shot and my eardrums had burst

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