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My RAbbit

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 24, 2012

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Gratuitous Smut Shot- Taiwanese Hottie

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 24, 2012

This pic comes from mop.com and I really have no reason to post it, other than the obvious. I could say that the photo is interesting based on the fact that this woman is appealing for I live in China and this sort of thing is a rarity here. ‘D’ cups here are as rare as virginity in chinese women who own Iphones, or Ipads, or …well you get my pont..

But, I will not patronize you with gibberish. I’m just posting some eye candy for you…
(actually I think she is from Taiwan, mainland women never look this good)

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Chinese Trains, Construction and Misery

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 24, 2012

The Brewmeister brings it real….good stuff Brewskie

From the King of Brews
“More news in a strange communist land that brain-dead American librarians, oddly, have a quixotic fetish for…

Bank lending to Shanghai (or “Shag-hi) property developers fell 9.6% Aren’t property developers hurting for cash?


China’s high-speed real estate train of doom is in a kinetic motion it cannot stop, destined to wipe out over the bend. Declining prices has one upshot: desperate, and horny, buyers will finally have the chance to get suckered into buying worthless pads that will make Cabrini Green’s age look graceful; turkey-stuffed girlfriends/wives’ wrath in response to stupidity will be swift and eviscerating.


New inventory is up 40% in China over the past year (50% in Shanghai).


Wuhu’s fucked: Proposal to reinvigorate property market introduced last Thursday gets incinerated via central CCP thugs’ orders.


Sad: Yunnan’s in the midst of a 3-year drought; little reprieve expected.


A farm town in S Guangdong has released pig & cow shit, industrial chemicals, and who knows what else into a water plant’s water source, affecting the water of 50,000 residents. American economic libertarian retards: How’s the “no rules, now worries” economic life style working for China working? Can hear those idiots now: “Nothing to worry about pig poop here, just a silly Jewish/Islamic/Oprah scam. Pig dung contains plenty of good bacteria; salmonella and e. coli ain’t real, just like that global warming crap; I drink a glass full of shale gas fracking fluids every morning, does no harm to my breath or kidneys.”


Yes, like cancer (remember: China’s #1 killer?) the systematic infection of China’s banking sector is EVERYWHERE.


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China News From the King

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 24, 2012

Here is China news from The King. I do not know why King, but yahoo cuts off  the articles you send me when I reblog them. I’ll have to figure out why..

News from the King…..

No snide remark,


Warning report contains a bloody picture. NSFW. What happened was a boy was plsying video games on his Iphone, teacher freaks out, when he kindly and politely apologizes.


Top super cop who literally put his neck out for the benifit of the Chinese people, (aka flushing the poo poo down the toliet, ummmmm see my above angry and very bigoted rants to see whom I refere to as poo poo). It’s not easy to go after psycotic criminals like this, but he did.

But he in the process uncovered ALOT of dirt that the Reds didn’t want uncovered. Ummmm see pages 1-10 in this thread… So they decided to make him a scape goat. BUT, he was extremely clever, he ran to the United States Counsilate for asylum, but was eventually turned over.

However, because of his Clint Eastwood, Superman like status, of being a wonderful person fighting very F-ed up jerk offs (who conincidently rapes little children so they jump out Hotel windows, or who enjoys blowing them up in factories, or ahhh just read the rest of the posts here). If they try to remove this Kennedyesque leader, or other such leaders that have galvanized the Chinese people in the past 2 years………….

It’s like how old Stasi papers are taped back together after they’ve been suposingly shreeded, with computer program. Meh, these tyrans can run like the little sluts that they are back to their Mama Desdemona some “Procurress” demon in hades, eventually God will deal with them.

God has better things to do now, such as awaken the Chinese to ANY form of sprituality, or freedom.

Well the Reds time is coming. We can all BREATH a sigh of relief. F you CPC F you


Another monk immolates. China just has no SOUL. And CANADA’S Steven Harper makes deals with these devil government


Give this floozie a medal already! Wow she videographed a theft of a cell phone pick pocket. She deserves the Order of Lenin! Or was it Mao


Sir Run Run Shaw donated money to fix up an old bomb shelter for a school, but it was soon converted into a garage, (well that and the basement where the shelters were filled up with water when it rained, challenging the structural intergrity of the tofu building (old ancient Stucco buildings). So in this case nobody was at fault, nobody knew that would happen. Concindiently the compound was an old temple.


God I hope the teacher didn’t inject AIDS or something into this kid’s nads!


A uncorruptable mayor is killed by his redneck brother in law, when refused a Nepotistic promotion.

Bear Puke (Bile), company website is hacked. Wow China, it’s not so funny and “annynononmous”

hacks you is it? Too bad it was CHINESE animal lover, hackers ooooo that’s gotta smart!

(anonymous is a post 90’s gang of hackers) How does it feel China?


Ha ha ha, Al Bundy (an American Boor dad, like Archie Bunker, ) formed his “boys only club” No M’AM, National Organization Men against Amazonian, Masterhood)…

If watching Xena and Hurcules taught me one thing… it’s DON’T piss off Hera! Well that and years and years of gaming, where some assassin chick like Chun Li, or Sarah William or LAURA CROFT, are like throwing men to their deaths off spike traps and lava pits. Why a street fighter chracter, Camma, her character SNAPS men’s necks off with legs! or even…. HILLARY CLINTON. Or the Witch on Left for Dead, a game about zombies where one of the stronger zombies a witch kills you in one hit, no matter how many bullets you put into her. Or…. the QUEEN of ENGLAND. She does 9999999999999999999999999999999999999 points of damage from her Frowny frown smile…. Don’t piss the Queen of England off, she’ll destroy your soul with her eye balls. Or Magrate Thatcher. Just dont’ fight this boss character. Don’t.


China to dramatically cut back on train spending. Still mildly going through, but a shell or even a thin skin UNDER the shell of it’s former hubris hubababbabub spending especially since 2011.

Translation, the CPC is running out of money.
Since my last bitchfest 3 Tibetans have died one of them an 18 year old girl. China you suck!


Just give it up China. The EEC is destroyed (it’s disintergrating, as countries return to old currencies, like the Pesseta, and Drachmahs, and hopefully Dueschmarcks. America, however slowly recovers. Mormon Candidate Mitt Romney, is wooing the Disenfranchised. Interesting. First a Negro President, now a MORMON president. I should have stayed as a Mo.

DAB overlord, found with an illegal renovation to his home. he foolishy LIED, and blamed his wife as Adam did when Adam was caught with an apple. Ha ha ha dude should have came to Burnarichmon (Burnaby and Richmond, suburbs of Vancouver), if he wanted to that. He’d be encouraged to do that actually, (spend on materials, and upgrades value of home, puts in new wiring for enviromentalism yadda yadda yadda). Anyways, Rich Overlord, should have done what Cincinatti Mayor Jerry Springer (a weirdo talk show host), did…… say I’m sorry. I “f-word” up. Infact Cincinnatians were pleased with his refreshing honesty, that they INVITED him to finish his term off.

So Lammaites who voted for Yu, do you honestly feel safe? Hidden agendas, and typical run and hide Asian politikas? I especially loved how the Taiwanese attacked each other with SHOES once. That’s funny. Grown adults doing monkeyshines. I love Asian politics, it’s a clown show! It’s Circus Circus (a Circus themed casino in Reno and Las Vegas).


Red Guards not content with losing Tibet, decides to mess with Uyghuristanis, again. this is just plain stupid, because As if Burning down a mosque and killing 8 Hui Muslims wasn’t political suicide, Now the World is REALLY going to give to the Chinese again. Go ahead CCP, the more you screw around with people’s lives the more madder the world gets, and perhaps falls into the arms of Bra-india.

Keep up the good work, mobilizing forces, using up resources that could have been used to keep you in power a tick longer (fuel and stuff).. Uyghuristanis hopefully you peacefully protest.


How about you braggart intelligentsia reporters do the SCIENTIFIC thing and oh I don’t know, extend these studies to beyond the elite schools of the super rich. Like if Asian schools are so good, why are HK children being sent abroad to the UK? To go to HOGWARTS to learn magic?

You know to REAL Chinese, American, Japanese, Korean students in the public schools, and discover that Gee, things are pretty even on a public level. EXCEPT in Canmerica, you’re encouraged to do extra circulars. Like Universities look at that sort of thing, that you try to EXTEND, besides UofA, Mount Royal, UofC, are still very good schools. If it does it’s job, that is make your brain do “push ups and chin ups”, extend yourself so that your brain is stronger and skeptic, so you’re less susceptible to Jedi Mind tricks of Conartist politicians, with a desire to excercise your new intellect to create and manipulate the world to conform your tastes (without infringing on the health and welbeing of others who are doing the same, as a good neighbor). then Who gives a flying sod if students from Asia get better marks than I do?

If you’re able to to live happy and content, is this not better than the super eliet rich who seem to not be able to find these things with ALL the sexy stuff of shere comfort. Like I live in Shanghai, people seem to be extremely angry here, juding by their rather abrasive driving skills, and or vulgarian vocabulary, or even stress levels.

Go ahead Asia, keep your geniues. such a shame they tend to die so young. Like Rock stars can’t find peace, a Mormon production about Elvis’ life (from the Mormon prespective that he was exploring sprituality) is called “Tears of the King”.

Like why is suicide so prevailent amoung Asian students??? Why is bullying on the rise?

Has the Tiger Mom addressed this.


Speaking of the glories of the Asian Education system……. Teen gulag hurts a bunch of kids. Keep up the Good work China, being a Freak of Nature. Children were forced to LICK poop.


I can’t wait until I’m back in Canada, being a scout master with a beat up truck that I help out with Church stuff out in the woods of Canada, and a reservist….. More Goo cancer oil. I hate you CPC.


The thing is, this is happening all over the world, all the baby boomers are retiring, (aka moving to Lamma, ahahahaha), Canada’s retirement population is going to be a nightmare. As this is a sparcely populated country of only 33 Million! with a low reproductive rate of like 2. Unless of course you’re Mormon (taught that bodies are spritual vessles for pre mortal souls), or Aborginals. This means in the next generation, the Aborginals will repopulate Canada.

However, because of Tibetan Aparththite like conditions living in Ghetto blocks of land called Reserves (shame on you Canmerica!), cramps resources and access to other developed areas of Canada. Plus income inequality leads to a very bleak future and there is a high suicide rate, or drug abuse rate among the male aborginal population.

Neverless, some countries only have like 5 Million, and even less in that technological wonder world called the EU. (All those European 18th century mouth watering sciences).

Humanity is bleeped. Like just unlaunch the giant cyborg tanks already sheesh, or the mutant squid monsters (Lovecraft’s writings), Or the zombies or Vampire armegeddon already. Why prolong it?

but this whole missing humans from the work place is REALLY going to hit the world hard, in a scienice fiction kind of way. I keep on getting visions of empty cities. Like I sometimes even go to work on EASTER, so I’m taking the train, and I see Calgary an already sparcely empty city (That’s why Canada seems so clean all the time, and our money still in mint condition (compare to America or even China’s paper currency (like really dirty one dollar bills), and nobody is on the train, streets are empty, one or two young people walking around. That’s the image I get. Like empty Greek, mayan, or Incan or those ruins, EMPTY!

3 More Buddhist monks self immolate. 21 (as of 2012, total)…..See China your time is finished. What with the voters in Wukan with the most transparent elections possible (for a CPC)member candidate).

China’s wetlands become drier than a Calgarian lawn. Just as well seeing how they’re all black toxic goo, that stinks of dirty inky mud (news print-photo copier goo).
Ancient Lamma I mean China’s tree poisoned with toxic goo


China cuts off Brazilian ore ships. This is good, because Brazil further gets fustrated and isolates China. (Will definatly be posting Brazil’s news in a thread soon). China are you honestly THIS stupid, your economy is dying, nobody likes you, and cutting off the rare friendship with countries that do, is just suicide. Contiunue to keep on being stupid and piss off countries, making China an economicially unviable place to do business in. (and thus less people to put up with your magical Dirty Chinese emperor baby diapers. Keep up the good work CPC. Keep on being stupid and shrink faster please do.

What to do CPC what to do, keep producing poisonous goo that explode and kill people, or impliment saftey (the right answer), but cause Shanghai chemical companies to close up….. Damned if you damned of you don’t isn’t it China?

Bridge over troubled waters……

Man buries murdered children under a bridge (as per local custom to bury children there or something). 3 of them (other kids), were children who died at a hospital… (China is going to have some SERIOUSLY crazy demographics problems in the next few years what with single children (uneven genders, unless we master cloning or something), the millions who died of starvation and excutions 6 Million alone in modern post 1989 times (the LOW count, with my extremely FLAWED and unedited head count. It’s going go be lower after I polish up the “statistics” (god I hate calling them that, the report was suppose to be a memorial and I go and call them “Statisics”. My soul is dying here. :_(…. day by day.


DMV corruption (fake licence), caused an uneducated driver to drive at top speed down the wrong lane, killing 3 people, however a baby was born and survived through a Caesarian. ( list goes up by 3 again).

Myths of the power of the CPC….

Other parties who thought they were invincible.

Shawn Micheal’s “Clique” (wrestling).
-Social Credit of Alberta (a Proto-Nazi party, that engaged in creating a “holy” government, with eugenics and other control freak stuff in a DEMOCRACY.
-Nazi Party
-CPSU (Russian Commies).
-Golkar of Indonesia.
-Republican Facist Party (Musollini).
-Republican Party (America).
-Democrats Party (Canada)
-Progressive Conservative Party (Canada, a very powerful party especialy in Alberta, that completely exploded into a Western Rome-Eastern Rome, or Sunni and Shia Schism),
-KAOS (from Get Smart)
-SPECTRA (from James Bond).
-Aum Shinrinko
-Holy Roman Empire, which disintergrated to a tiny city.


Future Darwin Award champion……… read at the bottom where it says, that the boy has done things like this in the past….. Anyways, boy decides to base jump (parachuting off tall things, like canyons buildings), off a building with an UMBRELLA!!!!!!!!! because he’s not dead, (he managed to safely cling onto bars of a neighbor’s window) there’s no need for me to be somber… but still this is comedy movies. This is CARTOON physics!

Now I’m certain that I’m in some ultra VR system, because the improbability the kid managed to save himself in time. is very imporable. If it were me I’d be like oh shit oh shit oh shit, waving my arms around like a tazer zappy zap zap.

But didn’t the kid know that if he had only used a ninja grappling hook, or Spiderman Spiderwebs, or a Batman toe cable, or a jet back instead of an Umbrella he could have avoided this? Like Umbrella man is fake! Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Iron Man are REAL. Duhhh. That’s why the boy fell. No Jet pack, no cape, no spider webs.


TGIF? (Thank God it’s Friday,Friday,having fun on Friday,looking forward to the weekened, partying partyig fun fun fun fun… my my how Canmerican Chinese teens have it easy compared to their counterparts in China. (thereference of Friday is also of Rebecca Black’s song, a teeny bopper from California).


Salt and Peppa was a popular rap duet from the 90’s. Gangsters refne salt from industrial stinky stuff (fertilzer).


Crazy firebug burns bikes to release pressure. Good thing he didn’t come to Lamma, and then the docks become a beacon.


IPOs borring blah blah blah,

Uh oh! China has to play by the rules. So long Chinese oligarchy of bling.


Yayeeee China can win gold medal, HONESTLY this time.When they eventually include pole dancing. no more “Pork” steroids,because they ate Cha Sew! (top excuse in Bejing when tested positive fo roids, but of course it could be from the other food, or even the Million Oil! Teflon and other banned food substances still ok in China. For instance BPA really messes with the hormones. and there’s still MSG


Blame JAPAN, that the Chinese didn’ decide to settle the Islands yonks (years), ago and officially incorporate UNINHABITED islands into the Sino sphere like oh I don’t know explore and LIVE there. Just like they did on LAMMA since 50,000 BC…. and all other islands in the HK neighorhood.


Rich New Year vacationers pay too much. Boo hooo hooo oooo. That’s like me saying I pay too much to visit Disneyland (California, the REAL one, not the one in Shanghai).


Crazy kids set fire to a parking lot full of cars. Well THAT’S one way to cut down on global warming. WAY TO GO kids, and prevent potential injuries thanks to nitwit buffoonery driving. Double way to Go. Give these guys the Noble Prize in enviromental studies. (I’m serious this time 100%!)


Crazy drivers o utlility vehicle crash into car on purpose.


Catch 22 (damned if you do damed if you don’t senario). Because Chinese stocks are gooey and full of slime. Chinese BONDS (IOUs by the CPC, are well let’s just say they printed up LOTS of IOUs that it can’t possibly pay up. seeing how 3/4 of China are C-Z(C-Z and double alphabet cities, towns, villages (the licence plates go on a alphabet system denoting importance, the A class=capital, B would be a Szhenshen like city). That haven’t changed since Qing times. (Had the KMT ruled, or the 100 days of reform actually succeeded then things would be different. or Sun Yat Sen could have succeed, Lu Xun, Matto Ricci. etc.

Karma is a bitch. now it’s the Chick’s turn to Gigglo on them old men!


Wait a second….. It’s not JAPAN’S fault? \


Why bother. If the second hand smoking won’t get you, the smog from the cars will, if th smog from the cars don’t get you, the smoke from burning garbage pits in fields,will, if THAT does’t get you, then the poo poo smell will….. and people complain about smog in Hong Kong sheesh!




Cancer rate in China? oh that’s easy. 100% Cancer survival rate in China? double easy. ZERO%.


Well here’s a bit of good news, boy gets money for Luekemia operaton. Odd though, I though China was a land of progress and super geniuses and high tech healing beams and stem cells and other such laughable wonders of science, considering that 3/4 still live in mud huts with straw roofs (I just spent New Years in one, and this was in GUANDDONG. the “Rich-HK China). Go Socialism.Go Marx pardise, rah rah rah.


No black humor remarks. reporting a fatality.


Crack feeds Dan Tat (Egg custard tart), to elderly lady, and ganks her stuff).


Thousands strike. Unpaid wages,


Subprime loan meltdown spreads to Guandong. The “Alberta/Texas” of China. OH SHIT! Companies in dire straites Who am I kidding. This is GREAT NEWS. Bye bye CPC.

Is that Dim Sum, Eat-in or Take-out? Mainlanders decide chicken out on planned Eat-in protest on MTR. Mmmmmmmmmmm chicken rice with sasauge. yum yum kinda heart burn inducing and Bile blasting greasy, but neverless yum yum in Jong (lotus leaf), format.

Oh dear, LESS TOURISTS on Lamma, whatever shall we do. lol.

Borrowing to get out of debt and make profit. (back in 2008), Does this even make sense? You SAVE and INVEST (spend money strategically), to make investments grow. Ok it’s like this, say you’re a farmer, and you have some profit you USE that profit to get more plants. or do you take out a loan and then spend that money on trips around the world, and crazy shit, but not grow crops?

Or it’s like taking out a loan, not investing it, and you spend that money on really dumb shit, that you think will make your house look rich, then you have to pay it off (or you decide to tough it out for a few years, strategically save and grow).

“problems” the Dragon babies will face is an understatement. While I take my bling and throw it into retirement, into kids education, and a kick ass Man cave (to put all my broken junk into), and some basic gardening tools, so I can garden). The Wife can get all the bling. Then my teeth rots with goo, and I eat congee in an old folks home in Calgary. Goooo Congee. with yoook sook sook.
after I give away the rest of blingage to church, and what ever is left to the kids.

Like already at 35, my tummy is feeling funny. Lots of fire, lots of stinging pains. I really got to watch what I eat now. Eating more veggies and shit).


factory spills toxic good up in Guangxi province, Hong Kong and Macau however are perfectly safe…. BUT NOT from toxic goo from GUANGDONG. (you know the OTHER GUANG).


Just because I can’t find girly mags and buy Wrestling and MAD magazines or even WHOLESOME ARCHIE comics, unlike at Purple Cow, (except the girly mags, you can get Archie, wrestling MAD and other magazines). Doesn’t mean that China would be graded SO LOW. Like Xinhau, People’s Daily, and CCTV are allowed to report SOME truth. Cut the media some slack. China DOES allow for freedom of speech, or the constitution says anyways.

PS CPC go to hell.

Young Tibetan man killed. Another jailed for displaying simple paper. Man are we glad for the post it fence at Democracy Wall or what.

Shanghainese have a BLAST.

Tibetans undeterred. They might actually succeed this time! what if China’s economic troubles keep up. Especially if the Uyghirstanis stand up for their rights

I can’t see anything wrong with Chinese stocks can you? Muddy Water’s deflamatory reports are all false with an axe to grind against hard working Chinese companies…… China just accept the fact that you’re human, and prone to greed just like any other human is and move on and learn from mistakes. It’s all part of the scientific process.

Once again, Chinese workers are being toyed around…… Hang in there China, soon they’ll need toys for My Little Ponies! and the Calgary Flames, will have another beautiful run and will need Flamer flags.


Let’s see here images of China in the past 5 years: Crazy dad sets fire to baby (2011), bloody children (2008, 2009,2010,2011, 2012, etc etc etc), mosque set on fire, burning monks, stabbed and gutted children, crashed SCHOOL busses off cliffs, upside down police cars with windows smashed in, topsy turvy Shanghai buildings with the consistancy of one of those wafer bars (those pink fluffy wafer bars, or Butter cookie), Dead squished school children (under rubble with the wafer bar walls), garbage floating down the peral river onto Lamma, exploding trains……….Little girl gets hit by a truck twice with 18 people not even calling the EMS.

There is NOTHING WRONG with China’s Image. It’s a magical kingdom where angelic women in robes glide under moonlit sprakling lakes, playing Euru Mandalins, floating in absolute extasy….. while reciting beautiful poetry.


How in the hell is China going to cover this up, when they eventually mow down peaceful protesting monks and nuns with candle light vigils. And how will China save face when it blinks? It’s over CPC just give it up.

Eventually you’ll have to go in with tanks, images WILL get out. OR you show the world, the Chinese your vulnerability, and negotiate peaceful settlements (after this latest fiasco, and 2008’s and priors), the Tibetans won’t settle for nothing BUT full independence, which leaves the Ughristanis. Tibet then allies with India.

Perhaps Tibet will become a Therocracy. That’s their story however.

However, a Forum IS a soap box silly. See, in ancient Rome and Greece, they used to have public arenas where orators would go up on a pedistal and blah blah blah. In ancient victorian times crates, such as “soap boxes” were used in public squares where orators would stand upon and blah blah blah. And ha ha get this, people can actually LEAVE the square. Nobody is making you read my “soap box” postings. This would be the antithesis to what I’m aiming to do here. I’ll leave that BS for the Reds. ha ha ha.

But anyways, this is a collection of clips I find just by doing a non biased, search. I type in “China +news” in the search bar, and all THESE crazy posts come up. Like is it my fault all the news in China is a gong show of evil madness? I just REPORT the news I don’t MAKE the news. I orginally intended this to record the economic news, somehow it expanded to accidents (which was related to economics (being cheap on the CHR train for example), then somehow it expanded the mandate to include dictatorships deaths and brutality. and now I just post what I find. I’m like this Foxy, a Whizzy Wig. (What you see is what you get), and I post on that.

I usually try to keep the captions Twitteresque, and snappy like a news editor does, however….. sometimes I just HAVE to post about my reactions to something painful and insane when people get REALLY hurt….

So, without further ado,


Human rights adoring Norway, snubs human rights abusing China….. Wow China two strikes (Iceland and Norway).

Another day in Tibet, death. No sarcasm.



All this death, all for nothing as more Chinese overseas ventures cave inward.


Foxxconn’s worms in the Apple! I hate you Terry Gou. Just be thankful the 300 in Wuhan didn’t jump. Thank you Jesus (no sarcasm geniune praise). That would have REALLY sucked. Like my heart actually stopped for that one.


Oh my god the reporter actually HAD to ask where it’s all coming from this wealth to the upper strata echelons of Chinese society…. I’m not dignifitying that with a answer. But you can smell it, that’s a big hint. All those DEAD bodies, murdered for money and profit. with the scene like that war movie scene with the camera panning showing all the dead young men, or dying young men, saying “ohhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuu”, (like on the movie Gone with the Wind, or Gettysburg, or Saving private ryan, or Star Ship troopers).


Baddddddddddddddd boy Canada. Bad Bad Boy! One thing I will never understand about America is, Canada has INFINITE goo in the tarsands alone enough to power the world for 200 years (serious, it’s Bitmin, and if not, then the natural gases). There is so much goo that is spans 3 provinces, averaging 5 million square meters. And if THAT’S not enough, there’s the up up up up up up north. Edmonton is going to be jobbed for a longggggg time, a VERY VERY LONG TIME. But America invades afganistan, Iraq, and works in Saudi Arabia, countries with comparative anti American sentiments (Pretty sure there are no compounds (armed barracks that look like American neighborhoods), in Canada. Canada is America’s friend, We eat burgers. They eat burgers, We deer hunt, They deer hunt, they football, we canadian football, they watch wrestling they watch wrestling. They like to boating with boobies, we like to boating with boobies, They like to Cancun for boobies, we like to cancun for boobies, their children like to party, our children like to party.

We watch boobies we watch boobies, they drink budwiser, we drink budwiser. We look at Jessica Alba in fantastic 4 suit, they look at Jessica Alba in fantastic 4 suit. So why in the bleep are they looking for goo in a country where they might get maimed, when they can deal with their FRIENDS?

And people call ME crazy!!!!!! lol Like think of ALL the money saved just by building a yeeeeet (omononononopeia) pipe across the border). ha ha ha.

Is it just me or does that sketch of a young Undead vampire lord Ceaseasususu of Romania look like Elvis Prestley? Oh the irony, his stuff sold at a capitalist auction.See look at those evil Capitalists selling his flesh like that (context: persona).

is that 96% corruption. FLAT or 96.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999%?



2012 Clearance Sale EVERYTHING MUST GO! so GO already CPC


So long fair well Afetiszen (Lamma Gung is laughing at my spelling), Good night………. More Chinese leave for California. Let’s see, beach parties, sun, beautiful mountains, Disneyland, Suburbia…. democracy, cops that won’t run them over with bulldozers. What’s not to love about America? did I mention beach parties?


more boring blah blah blah bloo bloo bloo blee blee blee about realty, debts, and the reality of China’s actual chances of getting out of this. When compared to Tibet and a PLA robo soldier stalking people for money….


This is why you WASH instant noodles, to flush out all the wax. Anyways, instant noodles is not food……

no why? It’s MY thread, which I KNOW people are reading.


china a Role model? In what How to kill and maime people?


more Chinese freedom fighters… fighting for freedom.


Hallijula, the lord has risen, It’s a new day, oh happy day!
awwwww how sweet of the CPC, beat the crap out of a starving monk so he’s paralysed, and then let him go. That alone should please Gyun Yin, to reincarnate into the bacteria on a Shenzhen toliet. Quite a step up really. (Shenzhen is one of the more CLEANER cities. Why I’m here in Hangyun a “V” class town (licence plate)…. Just saw a family of 6 cousins fighting over some scraps of egg-oyster omletes.

WHAT is happening to China lol. It’s finally developing one jin, of SOME compassion it FREED a monk it beat down and broke his body. All the monks want to do is help people hurt less (any religion). Because this planet sucks! And for his troubles the kind person gets his bones broken by thugs with pig ears, and pig noses.

. We honestly should be thankful at least now he has his freedom right? . PS CPC go F yourself you evil evil evil A.H’s.


choo choo choo. Come on don’t ride da train. Come one don’t ride it. Come on don’t ride da stalled debt riddened UNSAFE (because it’s debt ridden), Choo choo train…………

It’s over China just give it up. Just LEAVE CPC just leave.




(Hundres MIA in Uhgyrstan). As a Chinese, I do wish the Tibetans and Ughrystans full independence.


Tusk Tusk China (Tsk tsk)!!!!


Honestly America, WHY do you fear the PLA? One’s machine gun was so shittily made it blew up in his hands (reported here in thread last year), one almost blew up himself and his instructor (also reported here), and now these idiots play hot potatoe with LIVE snachels being LIT.

Pollution in China


Man blows him and his family up, over land use. no sarcastic remarks. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP. PLEASE GOD JESUS ALLAH, GOON YUM, make it stop, Mother Mary full of GRACE. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop the killing.STOP IT STOP IT.

It’s like American horror movies, It’s like all those Nazi stuff we learned in school. BUT IN REALITY, actually sadly the “Nazi stuff” WAS REALITY. Like why is Earth so fucked up? Why does the horror of humanity so surreal, so much that not video games and movies can capture the full “majesty” of this MADNESS?

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What Blogging Means

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 24, 2012

This piece is an excerpt from a Gowron post about Chinese news. I like what he has to say, the ring of it and symmetry.
All Rise for words from
From the King
“However, a Forum IS a soap box silly. See, in ancient Rome and Greece, they used to have public arenas where orators would go up on a pedistal and blah blah blah. In ancient victorian times crates, such as “soap boxes” were used in public squares where orators would stand upon and blah blah blah. And ha ha get this, people can actually LEAVE the square. Nobody is making you read my “soap box” postings. This would be the antithesis to what I’m aiming to do here. I’ll leave that BS for the Reds. ha ha ha.

But anyways, this is a collection of clips I find just by doing a non biased, search. I type in “China +news” in the search bar, and all THESE crazy posts come up. Like is it my fault all the news in China is a gong show of evil madness? I just REPORT the news I don’t MAKE the news. I orginally intended this to record the economic news, somehow it expanded to accidents (which was related to economics (being cheap on the CHR train for example), then somehow it expanded the mandate to include dictatorships deaths and brutality. and now I just post what I find. I’m like this Foxy, a Whizzy Wig. (What you see is what you get), and I post on that.

I usually try to keep the captions Twitteresque, and snappy like a news editor does, however….. sometimes I just HAVE to post about my reactions to something painful and insane when people get REALLY hurt….

(I will reblog his full post later today)

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The King’s Thoughts on China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 24, 2012

Gowron, aka the King, aka the guy who helps kids with disabilities, aka the guy who is living in hell-China , but trying to help, had this little nugget as part of a larger message. I will post the longer one later, but this is so good, I wanted to showcase it.

From Gowron aka the King


Myths of the power of the CPC….

Other parties who thought they were invincible.

Shawn Micheal’s “Clique” (wrestling).
-Social Credit of Alberta (a Proto-Nazi party, that engaged in creating a “holy” government, with eugenics and other control freak stuff in a DEMOCRACY.
-Nazi Party
-CPSU (Russian Commies).
-Golkar of Indonesia.
-Republican Facist Party (Musollini).
-Republican Party (America).
-Democrats Party (Canada)
-Progressive Conservative Party (Canada, a very powerful party especialy in Alberta, that completely exploded into a Western Rome-Eastern Rome, or Sunni and Shia Schism),
-KAOS (from Get Smart)
-SPECTRA (from James Bond).
-Aum Shinrinko
-Holy Roman Empire, which disintergrated to a tiny city.

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Japan and Chinese Hookers

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 24, 2012

China has hookers, I mean a lot lot lot lot lot lot lot to the 10×45 power. I mean they have a ton! Each hotel, each massage parlor and many of the hair salons have them, then again , so does each street corner, uni, bus stop, subway line, school system, the entire population of Shanghai and so on.
As such, the local ‘men’, and i am being as generous with that term as possible, have many choices for some ‘knuckle love’. I guess part of the reason for so many hookers is that chinese dudes , who are built like sparrows, do not possess the ‘hey look at me’ gene , that most countries do. Hmmm I have digressed.

My friend lived in Japan and then Hong Kong. He thinks the mainlanders stink like petroleum jelly and keester and are rude. He and I did some business once and he was trying to peddle our wares to Japan. The problem is that our stuff was assembled on the border here by Hong Kong. My friend said that the Japanese only purchased quality goods thus nothong from the mainland.
He Said that the only thing the Japanese will buy from China is the hookers….
Business is good in China.

As a matter of fact, Dongguan, China in Guzngdong Province has an entire cottage industry built around the sex industry. Horney guys from Japan and Hong Kong rock the bed in Dongguan and then return home. The place is sexual madness. I went with the guy who lived in Japan and every five minutes we had hookers hitting on us and giving us their cards.
If any ladies are reading this blog and your dear hubby does some work in China, ask him about Dongguan and see how quickly he shits all over himself……

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