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Customer Service in China- A Forgotten Art

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 3, 2012

I just watched a show on the chicom channel where these guys hid with a camera and mic and searched Beijing for….. good customer service. I am not kidding. They drove around and tried to find a security guard who was civil to them.
I am actually split on this one, not sure of whom to scorn. To the fat faced locals ” you want what.” is how they great you in most stores.
Perhaps it is not their fault, however, for the Chinese treat the hired help worse than any other race of humans I have seen. They treat them with disrespect, like modern emperors. The Chinese will talk down to them and berate them for the smallest things.
I guess my conclusion would be……f……u. China

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American Dream for Chinese…wtf

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 3, 2012

I have read some stuff about Chinese pursuing the American dream…. Yeah right. What part of the American dream involves not having the danglers to stand up to a dictatorial regime?

Hell, we kicked out the Brits and they are decent people.
But yeah, in true Chinese fashion, they are trying to live the American dream.
Why do they call it the American dream, to soil its image?

Why not be proud and call it the Chinese dream? Or how about “the red communist dream with Chinese characteristics and please don’t ram the baton up my keister mr policeman, I won’t blog any more.”

Perhaps the last one was too long.

How about “the dream that you now do not have to eat your siblings or douse your professors in scalding water to prove your love to Mao?”
“Dream that I can visit tianenman on Jun e fourth without fear of being sent to a gulag”

“Or dream of congregating in tianenm an an without being overrun by tanks…”

Hmmm maybe it is better to say they are pursuing the American dream…

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Liars , Thieves and Thugs, the Face of China’s Leaders! Oh yeah , Hong Kongers Hate Mainland Birth Tourism too….

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 3, 2012

China’s main midget, Hu jintao- aka tiny, earned the moniker the butcher for his actions in Tibet and other areas. One can only guess as to how the man earned the name, but much more is known about li Changchun and li keQaing.
The former was the leader of China s henan province when hundreds of thousands of people were tricked into selling their blood which lead to widespread AIDS in the region. Although the doctors and communist party members were aware of this, they allegedly did nothing. Capo li changchun’s reward for his lack of oversite was to be elevated to the top of the seats of Satan, or china s ruling elite.
Things will not be getting better, for his replacement, a man whose lack of soul epitomizes this place, also allegedly shielded the perps from any harm, he too protected them. This thug will be chinas new resident evil, aka president xi jipings ball washer, and bottom, or top depending on the mood.
I am just happy that we have outsourced our jobs to such fine folks and pad their pockets with dollars!
And go go Obama, let’s allow more of them to come!

As more Chinese visit our country beware of more birth tourism whereby china she skanks will plan their pregnancies to coincide with a visit to the USA an associate of mine has done so. Things are so bad that in hong kong they are petitioning to disallow mainlanders to come over and hatch their repugnant offspring. Well at least they can always come to the USA!

AIDS story

Hong kong v mainlanders

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